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I’m from Ohio so I am very biased when it comes to amusement parks. By far my favorite is Cedar Point.  It’s the easiest to get to for me and it’s from my home state.  It’s also my favorite because it’s not only about the 120 MPH roller coasters and 80 degree drops.  There are shows, slow rides, rides for kids, and even bumper cars.  There are plenty of games to keep everyone of any age and risk level occupied.

When it comes to roller coasters I am a big, and I mean BIG, chicken.  The last time I was at Cedar Point was when my husband and I were dating.  That will be 15 years ago this July (it was our second date).  Wow! That has been such a long time.  Even though I was terrified of the big rides I got on all of the coasters with him because it would have been really boring standing at the end waiting for him and his sister and future brother-in-law while they had all the fun.  Yes, peer pressure and lack of another choice won out.  I had great fun though and it was one of the most memorable dates we had :).


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Now we have little ones and it is just that much more expensive and out of reach for us to go back.  I’d like to make the trek back to Cedar Point mostly because of the water park that has joined the complex.  It’s a separate park onto itself with it’s own entry fee, but I think my kids would more than likely enjoy playing there than standing in line at CP for rides they can’t ride.  Though I did just read that they offer a Parent Swap pass that allows the parent that’s watching the kids to skip to the front of the line after the parent who just rode gets off the ride!  So if you are there just with the kids this would be a great choice if both of you want to ride the same ride and can’t take the kiddos on with you.  It would be more fun though if you had another couple with you and took turns watching the kids that way you’d have someone to keep you company while you wait in line.

Also, now they have a Fast Lane pass that allows you to forgo the long lines for VIP access to the rides.  Each day a limited number of Fast Lane & Fast Lane Plus passes are sold so that you can bypass the lines on select popular rides for an unlimited number of times.  Purchased in advance online (not via mobile device) you can get these passes for as little as $50 and $65 respectively, in addition to your park entrance.  Entrance to the park is sold at a discount online.  At the gate it’s $55, but online it’s $45 for an adult.  Kids under 48″ tall get in for $29.99 and kids under 2 yrs. old get in free.

With a little saving and planning you could even stay for a whole weekend at Cedar Point to enjoy both parks.  There is the Cedar Point resort and also other hotels in the area.  If you love amusement parks and want to visit one of the first with some of the best rides and attractions you really should come to Cedar Point in the “Heart of It All”, OHIO!



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