My Favorite Amusement Park Ride – The Mantis #RockYourBlog

For a woman who is scared to death of roller coasters it is amazing that I actually can pick one amusement park ride out as my favorite.  It has been 15 years since I’ve been to Cedar Point.  There is one ride that made an impression.  The Mantis was the last ride we rode that day.  We wanted to ride the Raptor, but with technical difficulties and wait times approaching two hours we were out of luck.

There was something almost cozy about the Mantis.  The whole ride is done standing up!  You are asked to mount an adjustable height saddle and are locked into the ride by an over the shoulder harness.   Once the harness is in place the saddle won’t move up or down anymore.  I’d suggest not standing on your tiptoes when they lock you down.  You’ll no doubt regret it.  My husband’s cousin did that the first time he rode the Mantis, as a joke, well turned out joke was on him.  He got beat up in the most unflattering and painful way.  Anyway. . . with all the drops twists and turns I felt very secure in the Mantis despite it’s Aggressive Thrill level 5!


Next time we go this ride will be at the top of my list followed by the Raptor.  I’ll be sure to wear shoes that tie on my feet because otherwise I might lose them the way I lost my visor on the Blue Streak 20 years ago with $50 tucked in the zip pocket :(.  My dad thought I wasn’t tied down tightly enough so he put his arm across my chest to hold me down and wouldn’t let me reach up to grab the visor when I felt it coming lose from my head.  We tried to get it back but the CP employees claimed they didn’t see anything land below the ride.  Whatever, someone got a nice visor and a big tip that day.


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