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Home is where the heart is. . . and all our most precious, loved and treasured things, people and animals.  GAF Roofing wants to know all about what you treasure and how you protect it.  From now until October 31, GAF is giving away weekly prizes for the best videos and images of what you treasure most.  GAF Roof owners also have an additional benefit of having the chance to be featured in a Webisode shot by a professional, award-winning filmmaker.  Go to “Share What You Treasure” for more information.


Print Screen of GAF Roofing Website http://www.gaf.com

Print Screen of GAF Roofing Website http://www.gaf.com

With so many in recent years who have lost their homes – some multiple times – because of natural disaster it is good to reflect on the precious things we have under our roofs. Having a home is more than just shelter it is a protection for everything we hold dear. It’s where memories are made, friendships are forged and even the future is grown.

In my home my most precious and treasured “things” are my children. My two little ones have not known another home. They were the reason we moved into this house. It’s where they learned to walk, talk, ride bikes, swing on a swing, use a computer, play games, make friends and so much more. They are my heart.

It can be difficult at times to keep up with the maintenance on a home you own – especially when there are growing children who need care, an education and an ever changing wardrobe because they are always growing out of it. Time never stops and time wears down all things so it’s always wise to buy the best quality items you can possibly afford. My husbands grandfather was a painter and said, “Only the rich can afford cheap paint”. If you think about it this adage is true for just about anything. It’s better to save until you can get something that will last a long time than to get a solution that is merely a patch that will require replacing over and over.


Share your treasure with GAF Roofing. Open to all US Residents, 18+. Contest ends October 31, 2013 at 11:59 PM.

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