Camping Is Not My Thing #RockMyBlog

Camping – sleeping out of doors either directly on the ground, in a tent or in a camper to commune with nature for enjoyment. My mother was a city girl – bugs, tents and pit toilets were not her thing. Needless to say that has rubbed off on me. The few times I went camping as a kid turned out to be bad experiences. Either the people I was with were not kind or I was sick OR I ended up floating in a torrential downpour of rain.

My husband though comes from a family where camping was a frequently done activity for enjoyment. He even went with his cousin to Glacier National Park and hiked and their only accommodations or most of the trip was a tent and sleeping bags. And when they were younger they hiked the Grand Canyon, staying the night on the canyon floor before making it back up the other side. So I have been compelled at least to try camping. We have a tent – a huge one which will fit at least 8 people. It was a good deal and we figured it would be nice to have a large tent so we could fit our air mattresses. Hey – If I’m going to camp in a tent I’d at least like to have something cushy between me and the ground so I can get even a little sleep.

Being without a TV, hairdryer, microwave, etc. doesn’t bother me all that much. It’s the being uncomfortable, stinky, sweaty, hot and not being near a private restroom with a flushing toilet and a locking door. And don’t even get me started on campers – I don’t care that they have “beds”, a “bathroom” and a “stove”. Unless it’s a luxury motorcoach on par with a hotel room where I can get truly clean water and stay far, far away from everyone else’s excrement and not have to be smelling it in the middle of the night – I’ll take the simple tent – thank you very much. After a few days those darn campers with the built in toilet end up smelling like you are locked in a dirty pit toilet.

To keep peace in my family I pull on my big girl panties and suck it up when everyone else wants to camp. There may come a day when I won’t have a home or a roof over my head so at least I’ll have a little bit of experience in dealing with “living” outside.

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