Identifying Houseplants

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houseplant411 identifying houseplants


There is a fascinating website you can use for everything houseplant related called You can also learn how to identify a houseplant at If you would like to use the site as a resource for houseplant identification, you can do so quite easily. The first step in identifying houseplants at House Plant 411 is to visit the “Popular Houseplants” section. This is a thorough section with almost every houseplant imaginable listed rather than just the popular ones as the name implies. The section is in neat, alphabetical order so it’s quite easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Don’t know the name of the houseplant you have? No worries. The site has detailed illustrations for every plant listed, making it extremely easy to identify your plant. Once you have figured out what kind of plant you have, you will want to keep reading through the site so you can learn how to properly care for it and find out how much sunlight and water it needs. Are you thinking of buying more houseplants? If so, you can utilize the site for selecting the perfect new plant for your specific location. Remember that not all plants can thrive everywhere, so it’s important to get one that will do well where you live.


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