Hope Your Life Isn't As Bad. . . Friday Funny

I’m not in the habit of posting memes, but this one I found on Blog by Donna was so funny I thought I’d share:

someecards.com - I hope your life is never as bad as you complain it is on Facebook.

I hope your life is never as bad as you complain it is on Facebook.

I must admit there are times I’ve had to think very carefully about what I was going to write before I press post. The fact we have the option to delete a post once it’s made is a comfort as well. The thought of what someone who actually has problems would think when they read my post goes through my head. I consider whether what I’m writing may cause alarm, shame or and undue outpouring of support because it just sounds worse than it really is goes through my head. Though I do lament not being more personal at times on social networks I am glad I don’t share too much (at least I don’t think I do). Social media gives us an outlet that does not exist in face-to-face conversation with people we are with all the time. It gives us the opportunity to vent out our frustrations and hopefully get what we feel is needed support.

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