From Idea to EBook Online Course Special Offer

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From Idea to eBook Online Course
We all at one time or another have an idea that we feel will revolutionize our lives, our industry or even the world.  The problem sometimes is knowing how to get that idea out to the masses.  In recent years the internet and specifically the e-book has been the marketing wave at center stage.  Do you need help brainstorming ideas, formatting and marketing your idea in an ebook format?  Then this online e-book course is just what you need.

The founder of Bundle of the Week, a website which offers a bundle of ebooks for an incredibly low price, put together a 10 week online course to help bring your idea to ebook fruition.  For just $1 per week for the length of the course you’ll get weekly tips, tricks, guidance, printables and vlogs to help you develop your very own ebook.  This $10 will also give you lifetime access to the all of the content.

To gain access to the online From Idea to Ebook course follow this link and click on the “Register” image.  This will reload an order form at the bottom of the page.  To receive your discount enter the coupon code LAUNCH in the space provided and refresh.

Disclosure: This site is an affiliate for Bundle of the Week and your clicking on the links within this article may result in compensation for this blog.

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