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Thanks to EasyCanvasPrints.com I was provided a full size sample of their work for the purposes of this review. When I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints about a review opportunity I was very excited because though I love to take pictures of my family I am remiss about getting any of those printed and mounted for hanging on my wall.  We still had an old baby picture of out oldest daughter still hanging over the mantle.  It’s bothered me for a while that we didn’t have a decent family picture or at least a picture of both our girls together to display proudly in our home.


This gave me the opportunity to make a special collage of pics of our girls together to be printed on canvas.  The process on EasyCanvasPrints.com was just that – easy.  Choose your size from 8 x 10 all the way to poster size first.  Then upload your photo.  The system tells you whether or not the image is of high enough resolution to print clearly without distortion on the canvas.  Then you have the option to select a wrap depth and type.  I choose the standard frame (3/4″ depth) and mirror image wrap since I thought that would suit the canvas better.  You have the option of a colored border or stretching the image around the frame.  For me the stretching caused too severe a cropping of the center of the photo so the mirror image allowed the printing of the original image to the edge of the frame and then to continue around the board without distorting.  For your convenience you can choose to get multiples of the same image printed in different sizes, if you please, at the same time or create an account which saves your images for future use.  EasyCanvasPrints.com also offers a deeper frame for more dramatic presentation.

Buy one get one free canvases!

Two weeks later I received my canvas via UPS in a slender cardboard box.  Inside there was the canvas print and two pieces of thicker cardboard for protection or stabilization I presume.  I’ve read other reviews that said this was by no means a gallery quality print job and I would have to agree BUT the prices are inexpensive, the process is easy and the print quality is what you’d expect from a high quality printer.  I was impressed by how crisp and clean the printing looked.  The better quality parts of the photo printed out much more clearly and in higher detail than lower resolution parts which is to be expected.  At first I was put off by how thin the print was and how the sun shined right through it but once it was on the wall you couldn’t tell one way or the other as to thickness.  The wrap of the canvas on the frame was tightly pulled and securely stapled.  As you can see from the pictures above the “16 x 20″ looks really lovely above my mantle.  Another idea I have is to get several, 4 or 5, 8″x10″s where I can include a complete family picture and then baby pictures of all 4 of us.  Once I get that done I’ll have to do another post so you can see it.  Hubby is gunning for having this 16″x20” move to his office because in his words I get to see their beautiful faces every day in person while he has to go to work.  He’s go a point, but it looks so nice up there :).

Disclaimer:  I received complimentary product for the purposes of review.  I received no compensation for this publication.  The opinions expressed are my own and based on my first hand experience with the process and the product.  This blog may receive compensation if you click on links in the text or sidebar.


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