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My History With Pain

Like any rambunctious child I was always getting bumps, bruises, scrapes and cuts. I had my fair share of falls from the attic, down stairs, off my bike or even off my weak ankles. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I understood what real pain was. After my freshman year in college I had a summer internship at an investment firm where I sat all day every day and sometimes even on the weekends. Of course the freshman 15 was clearly packed on and I started to notice pain in my hips and legs. After a while I was no longer able to wear high heel shoes because the pain it caused my knees and ankles was too much to handle. Believe me I’ve tried, but not matter how sexy the shoe having ankles swell up to the size of an elephant’s is not a good, or healthy, look. But I muddled through and started wearing flats.

The hip pain became so intense that at times I’d have to sit sideways on only one cheek. Standing for a long time didn’t help much either. My parent’s experiences with callous doctors and way-too-gung-ho chiropractors had me petrified to look for help. A couple years later I got married and for the first time in my life I didn’t have health insurance. Finally, after some serious convincing over the course of a year that I needed it my brother-in-law allowed my husband to put me on the company plan. Not long thereafter one morning while getting ready for work I slipped on the carpeted stairs and landed tailbone first right on the edge of a step. In all the times I’ve fallen and scrapes I’ve had NOTHING prepared me for that kind of pain. It was so intense I could hardly breathe. If only I had landed on squarely on my rump and not my tailbone I’d have bruised my pride and nothing else. So now with a broken tailbone the best the doctors could do is prescribe painkillers. I’m not much for taking medication even if I’m in pain so after a couple the first few days I didn’t take anymore and never got the refill I was entitled to. Really, I was afraid of getting addicted and of becoming dependent on medication to get me through the day. Instead, I bit my lip, stood at my desk to work and just did the best I could until I could sit squarely on my butt again without shifting from one side to the other.

Two years later I had the privilege of travelling with my mother to New Zealand for business. This was when I finally understood the consequences of ignoring chronic pain. Whereas my daily “pain in the butt” was a nuisance what I experienced the day we departed for New Zealand was beyond explanation. Lugging around 40 lbs. of luggage for 9 hours in LAX aggravated my already apparently weakened back and hips and made the 18 hours flight across the Pacific unbearable. Go figure the row we were assigned to did not have reclining seats, but we found a very nice lady a few rows back that had a couple empty seats next to her and she allowed me to stretch out there. Laying down was the only way to be free of the pain. After a layover in Auckland and Christchurch we finally arrived in Queenstown only to find our room wouldn’t be available for three more hours. So this time without any luggage to lug we set out for the nearest pharmacy to find something, anything that would assuage the pain that now ran from my neck all the way down the back of both legs. We found good ol’ epsom salts for a good soak and some arnica and comfrey cream and ibuprofen. This allowed me to at least make it through the trip and to work the days I had to set up for the medical show I was in charge of being a rep at for my employer. My husband had been advocating chiropractic care since before we were married and finally I relented and went to a doctor my sister-in-law recommended. He was kind, thorough and effective. For a week I was there every day and for the next month once a week. I finally started feeling normal again. Since then, as long as we have the funds, I go to the chiropractor on a regular basis. I try to steer clear of pain relievers with steroids and as long as I have a willing pair of hands to rub cream on my back will use my trusty Noxicare on my sore back.

Through all of this I learned that my rising weight was really taking a toll on my joints and muscles. Being sedentary most of the time and then eating like a man (mirroring my husband’s habits without having his metabolism) doomed me to several years of weight gain. Now most of my aches and pains are from exercise. I have to listen to my body and remember my weaknesses so I don’t injure myself further. I want to get stronger not hurt myself so much I end up worse off than when I started.

Secrets To a Pain Free Life

You may be wondering what all this has to do with a book review, but I assure you my story is relevant. It’s relevant because it’s like so many out there laced with fear of the unknown, lack of professional understanding and lifestyle choices that exacerbate an already painful problem. Dr. Reza Ghorbani’s book takes you through his journey from his home country to the United States and why he chose pain management as a specialization. What I appreciated about his style is that his tone was not condescending but understanding and open. These are traits so many traditional doctors these days lack. He believes, much like his father did, that natural remedies, having been used for centuries, have their merit. The doctor guides you through an understanding of the types of pain, why you may be experiencing them and when you need to ask for help. He also takes a close look at prescription, over the counter and natural treatments and how they can either help or hurt you in a pain management situation. What struck me as wonderful about this book is that he addressed the elephant in the room – how our current technology riddled sedentary lifestyle is dooming our efforts to live pain free. He offers suggestions on how we can combat this epidemic and improve our strength and flexibility.

One thing I did not expect is that you will find healthy and delicious recipes in Dr. Ghorbani’s book. In the chapters describing some herbs and their anti-inflammatory properties he also shares ways that they can be incorporated into our diets. When we can use anti-inflammatory foods and spices pain management becomes a lifestyle not an afterthought.

I had the privilege several months ago to try both the Noxicare Capsules and the Noxicare Topical Cream and I was impressed by both. They have helped with deep muscle pain as well as headaches and menstrual issues. I appreciate very much that Dr. Ghorbani wrote this book not as a way just to sell more creams and pills, but as a way to encourage people to take control of their situations, get over their fears and seek the help that they so desperately need.

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