Why Companion Planting Is Important [infographic]

Your garden beds are ready for planting. Your coffers of seeds are exploding with envelopes of every kind of crop. Have you planned where to plant each one yet? Did you know it made a difference who each plant’s neighbor is?

Companion planting has several beneficial purposes for the garden and your future harvest. By planting beneficial and compatible plants next to each other you ensure that they are not drawing the same nutrients out of the ground thus reducing the need for fertilizing. Also, some plants are good for repelling pests from pest prone crops. Herbs like oregano and sage have a strong odor that prevents certain insects from landing on and setting up shop on plants like broccoli and cauliflower. Basil is not only tasty with Tomatoes but it also grows well in the garden next to them.

Don’t forget about flowers in your garden. You may be planting for food but flowers do a few beneficial things. Some types of flowers, like marigolds, repel insects and other pests. Naturtiums are beautiful climbing flowers which are also edible. Viola is another edible flower that adds a cheery pop of color. The best part of all is they help draw bees to your garden to assist in pollination.

Don't force a combination that isn't meant to be.

Don’t force a combination that isn’t meant to be.

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