Get Your Best Face On With #GlamST {Review}

No compensation was received for this review though early access to the site was shared for the purposes of review.

I hate shopping for makeup.  From what I can see in the makeup aisle of practically any store I’m not the only one.  There are smudges of foundation, lipstick and eyeliner all over the place and numerous opened containers abandoned on the shelves.  Pressing the containers up to your face under fluorescent lights in dinky mirrors hardly ever gives you the proper representation of what the makeup will look like on your face.  I have boxes of unusable makeup in my bathroom because they were either too dark, too light, too red, too yellow or too green to look good on my face.  Of course if you go outside or you tan your face shade is going to change throughout the year making the purchase of the proper shades just that much more difficult.

GlamSTMyLooks has developed a way to help any face shape and tone to find their perfect high quality makeup.  The brands they use on GlamST are ones I would normally shy away from because they are not typically in my price range.  After I thought about it though, with all the foundations, blushes and concealers I’ve had to throw away over the years I could have bought a high end makeup if I’d had a service like GlamST available.

To produce your virtual makeover, first, you take a selfie or pick a photo of yourself that shows your face as straight on as possible.  I chose one I took shortly after my second daughter was born.  Upload it to their website and they take you through a series of crucial facial point selections that will help their algorithms “apply” the chosen makeups to your face.  You can save looks as you complete them and also compare before and afters.  I went through choosing random colors just for fun to see how ridiculous I would look in colors too dark or light or garish for my skin tone.


One feature that has improved is their application of eye shadow. Most eye shadow shades are intended to be applied on a certain portion of your eye to create a highlight or a contour.  When I started using the GlamST system it merely applied whatever color you choose to the entire lid, even if it is a three or four color compact that’s intended to be used to create a smoky eye or other ‘look’.  Since then they’ve modified their application method for multi color compacts to offer you several different choices.  You can also switch which shadow color is applied where according to the selected pattern.  They also do something similar with eyeliner – thick, thin, top only, smudged, only the corner. Very cool and much more user friendly.


When you finally compile a look you like you can save it to your profile.  Here you name the look and give it a short description.  You may also choose to share the look on GlamST and on your social media profiles.  The best part is that this look is saved with notes as to which makeup products you used to create it for future reference.

The service is free and you can create as many looks as you want.  If you are so moved you can also add the products from your look to your cart and buy them direct from GlamSt.  You also have the option to write a review of the products if they are ones you’ve used before. Follow them on Facebook for more updates.

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