Help! What To Do When You’ve Been In An Auto Accident

I have had the unfortunate experience of being in an auto accident.  My daughter was only 6 weeks old and thankfully I escaped serious injury; my husband wasn’t so lucky.  He spent the next 6 weeks in a wheel chair and I had to help him bathe and dress until his sternum, clavicle and hip healed enough that he could move around on his own.

At the accident site though, I was the only one conscious, ambulatory and able to make sure everyone got to safety.  I had a cell phone and though the area was new to me I had been paying very close attention, as I always do, to where I was and what was around.  Because of preparedness training I had previously undergone in driving school, by my parents and my own worst case scenario thinking I was able to assess the situation, call for help and assist my husband and daughter as much as I could before help arrived.  Ours was only a one car accident, but the tips presented in this infographic provided by Results Matter can help you in all auto accident scenarios – especially ones with more than one vehicle involved.

Are you prepared to jump to action if you are in an accident or are in the position to help  someone else who has been?


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