Wedding Season Brings Back Memories

A couple friends of ours got married last week.  First marriage for him and second for her; we couldn’t be happy for them.   For years after her first husband left her we  hoped and prayed she’d find someone new. Someone who would appreciate what a fantastic girl she is. 

Their wedding was quite lovely. The reception was simple but very well done. They offered little activity packet for all the children in attendance. Also they requested that each adult or head of family to pick up a blank card and write a piece of advice or well wish for the new couple. It was so cute how they had pictures of their courtship and engagement and also a personalized plaque with the dates of their first date, the “Yes” day, and their wedding day.


The wedding cake was not super fancy but it almost made me cry! It had a message written on it, “I don’t see how you could be anything but mine.” The dessert options were so nice because they were all gluten free and very delicious. They offered butter mints, gluten free cupcakes, and personalized M&Ms.

I wish Pinterest would have been available back when I got married. I know a lot of the ideas they used came from there. The are so many ideas for personalization, wedding labels for wine bottles or table settings, wine glass fobs, cards, photos, and even coasters. Our wedding was small enough we could have done more of this and had it be cost effective. We decided though to spend our money on food and venue some we only had 25 guests.

Maybe in a few years when we have a big anniversary we can invite a few more people and do more to make souvenirs, if you will. I’d love to get wine bottles with our name and picture to share alone with cards that have a bit of our story and a collage of pictures.

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