NetGear PTV3000 Push 2 TV Device with MiraCast Review



Thanks to NetGear I received a complimentary item for the purposes of review.

It’s so exciting to be chosen as an ambassador for a brand you know and trust.  NetGear sent me a PTV3000 with Miracast to review.  When I first opened the box I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to review the item because my laptop and tablet were not compatible.  Thankfully I was able to confirm in the NetGear knowledgebase that my Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with the Push2TV device!

This little box surprised me.  It fits in the palm of my hand, but allows  you to do so much!  Have you ever wanted to show everyone in the room pictures of a recent trip, but they are all trapped on your smartphone? What about a new video you’ve uploaded to YouTube, but you don’t have a smart TV to access the internet?  That is usually my problem.  Our TV, though WAAAAY nicer than the huge tube TV we had before, is not a smart TV.  If we want to access the internet we have to use another device or plug in our laptop or phone via USB or HDMI.  It’s a pain because we have to sit or stand right by the TV to control the device so everyone can see what we’d like to share.  With the NetGear PTV3000 Push2TV device those days are gone!  Everything your phone or WIDI enabled laptop or tablet (compatible with Kindle Fire HDX) can do can be shared on the big screen for all to see – wirelessly!

Using an HDMI cable (not included) plug the Push2TV box into any available HDMI port on your TV.  The USB power cable may be plugged directly into an outlet with the provided dongle OR it can be powered by the USB port on your TV.  The Quick Start guide has instructions which pretty much cover all compatible devices.  If there is any doubt you can go to the NetGear Knowledgebase and search for how to pair your particular device with the PTV3000.  This is a good place to check also if you are unsure if you have a compatible device before purchasing the item.

The first time setup is fairly quick.  From unboxing to pairing it took me about 15 minutes.  Once I had my phone paired with the device all I have to do is start Screen Mirroring on my phone and it automatically pairs with the PTV3000.  Within seconds you see my actual phone screen clearly up on the TV screen.  One thing I learned is that you should plan on being fairly close to an outlet or have a portable charger handy since the Screen Mirroring keeps your devices screen always on and the streaming can eat up your battery very quickly.  Also, if your internet connection is spotty or slow it will affect how streaming videos are displayed.

The first few times we used the PTV3000 my daughters and I spent the time watching music videos and loom band craft tutorials on YouTube.  It’s also fun to play your favorite game on the big screen.  Any app which supports rotation will allow you to use the full capacity of your HD TV screen.  This feature is particularly nice when surfing the web, watching NetFlix, Hulu or any other streaming service or viewing photos.  Think of it, most smartphone screens are smaller than 5″ and you can view anything shown on  your screen directly to your HD TV from as small as 19″ to as large as the largest available on the market!  Can you imagine seeing your family pictures in high definition on a 60″ screen???  Our TV is no where near that big, but that would be so cool.

Like NetGear says on their website “Pass the popcorn, not your mobile“.  Using the Push2TV device you can share with the entire room.  You minimize the risk of dropping or damaging your mobile device since fewer hands will be touching it.  Now no one needs to feel left out or frustrated that they can’t see what everyone else is OOOOhing and AAAAhing about!

The NetGear PTV3000 Push2TV with MiraCast device is available on Amazon for $59.99 right now.  This is a small price for convenience and to expand your entertainment potential.


I received a complimentary item from NetGear for the purposes of review. None of the other brands or sites mentioned are sponsors of this review or this website. This site employs affiliate links and clicking on the links may result in compensation for this site.

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