Beautiful Skin Naturally with Nature’s Brands Skin Care & Makeup Review

When a person starts to be concerned with their health their focus is mainly on what is put into their bodies.  Their food and drink become a chief concern.  What many forget is that what we put ON our bodies also has an impact not only on the skin but on the entire body.  Lotions, serums, sprays, makeup can either hinder or support a healthy system.  Nature’s Brands is a company that understands this and produces herbal skin care and makeup formulations for those seeking healthier options for their face and body.


They graciously sent me three products to try out for review.  I received Herbal Mari Organic Extreme Repair Serum, Organic Moisturizing Facial Wash and the Bella Mari Moisturizing Foundation in the Talc Free formulation.  All their products are vegan, pure, natural, chemical free and cruelty free.  To be honest trying something so different than what I’m able to find in the store was a little anxiety inducing.  Especially the make up concerned me.  Would it cover the way I needed it to?  Was the SPF going to be true even without the chemicals of the store brands?  Was a soap free face wash really going to remove my makeup and cleanse my face adequately to prevent breakouts and moisturize my skin?

All the products arrived in thick dark glass containers and very well wrapped for shipping.  The dark glass prevents or at least minimizes the possibility of degradation of the natural product by UV rays. With the moisturizer and cleanser I’ve been lucky not to break the dispenser or the container, but on my second use of the makeup the lid slipped out of my hands and a big chunk broke out of the side.  It was still able to close on the jar but it was a sign for me to be extra careful.

Bella Mari Talc Free Moisturizing MakeupPicMonkeyBellaMari1

Ordering makeup online can be difficult because if it’s not a formula you’ve used before you run the risk of choosing the wrong shade.  This is what happened to me when choosing the talc free moisturizing foundation color.  Though on the screen it looked like the same as my current makeup it ended up being too light.  Next time I’ll order some samples, which Nature’s Brands offers with every order, before I go ahead and buy a whole jar.  It wasn’t so light that I wasn’t able to use it; I just had to add a mineral bronzer over the top to both adjust the color and set the foundation.

Here is me getting ready for a night out with my husband using Bella Mari natural and plant based Moisturizing  Foundation.  It has incredible coverage that isn't too heavy.

Here is me getting ready for a night out with my husband using Bella Mari natural and plant based Moisturizing Foundation. It has incredible coverage that isn’t too heavy.  Sorry about the lighting differences – on the way out of the house that evening I took the selfie by the front entrance which is really dark in our house so the flash washed my out a little.

The creme makeup is all natural, plant based, very silky, goes on smoothly and covers like a dream.  Since it does not have talc it finishes more dewy than matte.  Though I used to dislike the “wet look” l have come to welcome it especially on hot days when you’re going to end up that way anyway.  The creamy texture of the makeup prevents it from settling in dry clumps around fine lines.   I was a bit concerned about the efficacy of the SPF 30 in this natural formulation, but that soon went away as soon as I used it on a day I was going to be working out in the hot sun.  I went so far as to apply it to my neck (front and back), chest and ears.  My husband got burnt that day and I didn’t look like I’d been out in the sun at all!!!  I got better protection from the sun using this makeup than I have in the past using expensive sun protection creams. It even survived through sweat and repeated brow wiping. The best part is that the makeup smelled like patchouli instead of the horrible way SPF lotions typically smell.  It’s also not sticky and is easy to clean off.

Herbal Mari Organic Extreme Repair Serum


For someone who suffers with acne breakouts the thought of using an oil based moisturizer on your face seems counter intuitive.  Once I read the information on the ingredients and realized that they are intended to help heal irritated, even blemish prone skin I decided on this moisturizer.  When you dispense the extreme repair serum it indeed looks oily, but absorbs quickly.  Even applied right before the makeup it does not interfere with the adherence of the foundation.  All too often when I’ve used oils in the past I’ve ended up with my skin feeling tight and dry under a layer of oil.  This was NOT the case with the Organic Extreme Repair Serum.  My face and hands or wherever I felt I needed some extra healing help actually felt moisturized and not heavy, greasy or oily.  It did not irritate my face the way I assumed it would because of the oil based formula.  It actually helped my skin.  The tea tree oil and other ingredients combat dryness and are antimicrobial.  It had been great to help soothe chapped, dry winter skin, too.

Herbal Mari Organic Moisturizing Facial Wash


This facial wash took a little bit of getting used to how it worked.  It was effective from day one, but the lack of a rich lather made me use too much the first few times.  The wash looked more like a lotion than a cleanser.  What I noticed right away was the smell of mint and tea tree oil.  Applied to a konjac sponge or wash cloth and massaged over the face this cleanser removed makeup, opened up pores and left a fresh, bright sensation over your whole face.  This cleanser is one which I shared with my daughters, 5 & 8, almost immediately.  Their little faces are so tender and prone to excessive dryness that I wanted to use something on them that wouldn’t make the problem worse.  My oldest had been washing her face with it every night.  She’s fallen out of the habit and I need to get her back to it since her skin is starting to show signs of distress again.

I learned early on with all three products that a little goes a long way.  One to two pumps of the extreme repair serum is more than enough to cover your face and neck.  My girls use this moisturizer on their faces to help heal breakouts from dryness.  These products used with care will last a very, very long time.  Support products made in the USA which are also healthy for you by visiting Nature’s Brands website and checking out their full line of Bella Mari and Herbal Mari product.  They also carry vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.

I was provided complimentary samples for the purposes of review.  I only recommend products which I have personally tried and believe would be good for my readers.


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