Buddha Teas To Warm Your Soul – Review

Between my mom, my daughters and my husband I’ve learned to acquire a taste for tea.  So much so that I’ve started making home made kombucha. This is very different from steeped, warm tea, but it is tea nonetheless.  Thanks to Buddha Teas of Carlsbad, California I got to try two of their organic tea blends for review.


They sent me Earl Grey and Matcha Green Tea.  The experience began with their packaging.  The little flip top lid boxes are beautiful and look like they could be given as a gift without much more than a ribbon or piece of twine.  The box is really set off nicely with the embossed golden logo of Buddha Teas which fits just underneath a notch in the lid.  Each tea bag is sealed in it’s own paper envelope but they aren’t air tight so you can still smell the tea within.  The bags are a little tight so you have to be careful when opening them that you don’t tear the bleach-free tea bag within.

Earl Grey is one of my favorite teas.  The scent of the bergamot oil wafting up from a warm cup of tea washes over me delighting the senses.  My favorite way to serve it is deeply steeped with a touch of cream and sweetened with honey.  I like strong flavors, spicy foods and dark chocolate so the more intense a flavor typically the better I like it.  It was a little bit disappointing when I brewed my first cup of Buddha Earl Grey and find that the tea looked weak  and the bergamot oil was so muted it smelled more like lemon tea.


I was very interested in finding out how they handled the Matcha Green tea.  This year was the first time I’d tried matcha and had a chance to review a couple different varieties.  All the ones I tried packaged their bulk product in plastic or paper bags lined in foil so the idea of individual bags of it was appealing.  When I tore the paper envelope open I found that the matcha powder was merely dusted onto a bag of green tea.  If this is your first time having matcha you might find this a little confusing, but if you like green tea it slightly intensifies the flavor and certainly intensifies the caffeine content.  Don’t expect it to look thick and creamy like it does on the package.  The result is much more transparent.  For me it fell flat because it did not meet my expectations of what I’d learned prepared matcha tea is supposed to be.  It’s good, yet mild, green tea with a touch of matcha powder.

For those who like light roast coffee, mildly steeped tea and delicate flavors then these two Buddha Teas are for you.  I prefer dark roasts, robust, intense and spicy flavors myself.  I even steeped the bags twice as long as recommended in the hopes of a stronger, more flavorful cup of tea, but it didn’t work for either blend.  I’m creating a SCOBY specifically for Earl Grey Tea so I think once it’s ready I’ll use the Buddha Earl Grey to make some kombucha!

What I truly appreciate about Buddha Teas is their commitment to organic ingredients and making sure the items they harvest are sustainably grown.  They process their teas as little as possible between the plant and the bag.  It may seem like something little that they use bleach free tea bags, but even this small step keeps us free of ingesting harmful chemicals which can leach into our tea.

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”250px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ] Dioxin is the worst of these chemicals produced in the bleaching process and it has NO threshold of minimum that will cause no harm. Dioxin is absorbed into the fatty tissues which means it accumulates there over time and has a half life of 4 to 11 YEARS. [/dropshadowbox]

Buddha takes the quality of their product very seriously from the plant to the packaging.  They want to make sure you get the best tea in your cup.

I received complimentary samples for the purposes of review.  I only recommend products which I have personally tried and I feel will be good for my readers.

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