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Almost PerfectAlmost Perfect by Orly Krauss-Winer

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Do you like to watch Dateline, PrimeTime or any of the other ubiquitous real crime shows on TV? Do you love to read? If you answered yes to these questions they I believe you will enjoy the book Almost Perfect by Orly Krauss-Winer. Thanks to EBook Pros I was granted complimentary access to the Almost Perfect ebook.

If you enjoy mystery, intrigue, gossip and a little romance you’ll enjoy this book. I don’t know how the author managed this, but based on the descriptions of the characters personalities initially I was already formulating a visual representation of the in my head which I later learned was startlingly spot on. One thing I particularly enjoyed about Krauss-Winer’s writing style is that they wove real world stories into the plot. They weren’t just extraneous bits which had nothing to do with the plot-line, but were very well integrated helping you to form an interest in and compassion for the characters. It was a little difficult for me at first to pinpoint who was supposed to be the main character and without having read the description first it would have taken me quite a while to do so. In fact, Nilli, the supposed main character, was the person I had the hardest time picturing. That was a little frustrating at first, but the author finally did manage to thread all the story lines together into one cohesive climax and resolution.

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Book Description : Almost Perfect

What would you do if your best friend and colleague was suspected of murder?
The world of Nili Abadi, partner in a successful law firm, is turned upside down when the body of another partner is found in a burned-out car that belongs to her best friend. The fact that her friend is also a colleague and an ex-lover of the deceased, leads the police to arrest her friend
as the main suspect in the murder.

Nili, convinced that her friend is innocent, sets out to help expose the truth. Although the promotion of the police officer in charge of the investigation is on the line and he needs her help to solve the case, he isn’t very enthusiastic about her involvement. However, when she exposes dark secrets from the dead man’s past that shed new light and complicate the investigation, he is forced to cooperate with her, primarily because he is afraid that her involvement in the case has put her life is in danger.
The twists and turns of the investigation also reveal a mysterious embezzlement case and an epic love story that weaves through three wars. The truth, when it finally comes to light, reveals that every piece of information and visible evidence hides a harsh and more complex reality.
˃˃˃ Real World Stories
The writer sets her stories in the real world, where the smells, tastes and feelings are known and accessible to the reader. These make the book enjoyable, thrilling, and allow the reader to connect with the characters.
˃˃˃ Mystery, Romance, Politics and Intrigue
If you fancy a mystery which combines romance, politics and intrigue, you have found it in this book.

I received a complimentary item for purposes of review. No other compensation was received. I only recommend items I’ve actually used and believe would be good for my readers.

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