Matcha DNA Handheld Wireless Milk Frother Review

Thanks to Matcha DNA I received a Milk Frother for the purposes of review.  Though I’ve never used a frother before I have always enjoyed the foam on the top of a latte.  The airy lightness is so much fun to sip and make milk moustaches, lol.  I thought this would be fun especially for my kids’ hot chocolate and even when I serve them warm milk before bed.

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This kitchen tool may be small but the little motor is powerful so use it with caution when frothing a hot beverage.   The toggle switch to turn it on and off is easy to move with your thumb or finger.  I like that you don’t have to hold it down for it to work and also that it’s easy to turn off without having to remove the spinning whisk from your drink and make a splattery mess just to turn it off.  What I learned is if you want a tight foam that stays floating on the beverage top the drink MUST have milk, warm milk, for the froth to form and be a tight mass of bubbles.  Otherwise it foams a little and then dies down.

It has been very useful when trying to dissolve and thoroughly mix matcha green or black tea,  honey, chocolate and sugar into any warm beverage and sometimes even cold ones.  Though it is called a “frother” it is a very handy whisk for small containers.  

My favorite use so far is making lattes with a nice thick foam. I have a single cup coffee machine that allows me to brew the coffee a bit on the stronger side so it’s more like espresso. I brew a 6 oz. cup of strong coffee in the flavor of my choice and then froth 4 to 6 oz. of milk which I’ve warmed in the microwave. Once the foam is the consistency I like I pour it into the hot, strong, sweetened coffee. Sometimes the foam is so thick I have to use a spoon or small spatula to scrape the rest of it into my cup. Even with only 10 ounces of liquid I can fill a 16 oz. cup almost to the brim because of the foam. It’s just fun to drink!

OOOOh, I just thought of something – this would probably work really well to make a small amount of whipped cream OR to meringue an egg white.  I wish the little whisk was detachable from the motor assembly for cleaning.  You just have to be very careful when rinsing it clean.  It is just the perfect size to fit in a flatware drawer which is a plus.

This Milk Frother from Matcha DNA is inexpensive and easy to use.  You can purchase it on Amazon.

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