Time-Saving, Waist-Whittling Workouts for Busy Moms with Fe Fit Review #weightloss

As a mom, I know the feeling of being completely stretched out, stress out and totally flabby after having a baby.  I am one of those moms who never really worked out before she had children.  I was never really sporting or athletic.  The only thing like “working out” that I ever did was dancing.  Before I got married I would dance to Latin music and club dance music in my room until I was too tired and sweaty to stand.  In a new home with a new family who hated my music and where I had little privacy that habit went by the wayside.  The weight crept on almost imperceptibly at first but in the long run it was at a rate of about 6 pounds per year.  If I had been paying attention and endeavoring to work out before I had children that would have been easy to keep off.  Now 15 years later I have a massive job ahead of myself – do the math :(.

It’s not to say I haven’t tried.  I have my own collection of workout videos which I either found too annoying, too challenging or too boring to continue using.  This 35 day review period went too quickly.  First I got the flu.  Then “nature’s gift” was bestowed upon me in a manner more fierce than usual.

IMG_20150226_142253 Finally,  I was able to start preparing for the 90 day workout for strength and weight loss.   I received the 8 DVD Fe Fit set for the purposes of review.  First I had to do the Fe Fit Essentials. These mini workouts are tailored to test your ability to do the movements in the full 30 minute workouts.  I didn’t realize just how out of shape I had become again until the day after I did a 13 minute Essentials workout.  Part of my problem is that muscles I wasn’t used to working were being used.  What this told me is the Fe Fit workouts were going to be challenging and effective,  but I had to pace myself.

I would suggest that unlike me you go to the doctor to make sure you are cleared to workout. Also, go to the chiropractor to make sure you are all in alignment before you begin. I failed to do this and am paying for it today.  After doing week one Total Body last Wednesday and Core on Thursday I woke up on Friday with my upper back in excruciating spasms. That was my own fault; the workouts themselves were so much fun.  The 30 minutes flew by like nothing.

Fe Fit was founded by two mothers who understand the time constraints and challenges of motherhood.  They also realize that moms are strong – physically and emotionally.  This is why they based their workout program name on the atomic symbol for Iron – Fe.  Their goal is to encourage, fortify and beautify all the strong mommas who use their system.

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