#Amara 100% Raw Fruit Sports Beverage Review

Since starting my journey with Venus Factor almost 9 weeks ago I’ve been very conscious of two things – making wise low calorie choices and proper hydration.  It can be a challenge at times to make good choices when you are used to drinking your calories.  Carefully investigating what I consumed every day I realized I was shoving loads of calories into my body through the things that I drink.  From sugary coffee to even the sports drinks and smoothies I was thoughtlessly drinking in several hundred calories more than I needed to function.

Another thing I’ve become more conscious of is my choice of sweetener.  Small amounts of sugar tend to not sweeten large amounts of liquid enough to be palatable for me.   But I don’t want to resort to aspartame, sucralose or saccharin.  So, I’ve looked for alternatives like stevia and monk fruit.  They are both best used in fruit flavored mixes because of their slight aftertaste.


Thanks to Amara Beverage Company I received a couple bottles of Amara 100% Raw Fruit Sports Drink to try.  To my surprise and delight each 16 ounce serving is only 30 calories.  Plus it packs a nutritional and exercise recovery punch without any added sugar (it has 4g of naturally occurring fruit sugar).  It’s sweetened with stevia and monk fruit.  Complete with  necessary electrolytes for proper hydration, maqui berry and coffee berry for a natural caffeine kick Amara helps keep you going longer.  The flavor was muted for my taste.  I would have preferred a slightly more tart and full bodied fruit than maqui berry, perhaps pomegranate, acai or even cherry.  Who knows maybe those don’t work with the proper nutrient mix.

Amara is highly regarded and thoroughly enjoyed as a drink that nourishes athletes and promotes healthy, balanced lives. But we continue to set our sights higher. We work with leading beverage scientists and medical doctors to continually improve our beverage’s ability to hydrate, energize, and nourish Amara drinkers. Our approach is holistic, meaning that we consider the bigger picture of what it means to live well, be healthy, achieve as an athlete, and take care of the planet. This is why all of our ingredients are Paleo-approved and contain zero artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, all while maintaining a low-calorie profile. With just the right amount of Organic Agave Nectar and Monk Fruit, Amara tastes delightfully sweet, without overloading you with calories or crashing your energy and diet with processed sugar. Amara is designed to give you the energy boost you need from CoffeeBerry®, a full spread of B & C Vitamins and Antioxidants, and 5 of the key electrolytes found in the human body, all at isotonic levels to hydrate you as rapidly as possible. With only 30 Calories per 16oz bottle and 4g of sugar, you can rest assured Amara will help get you through your workout without adding the Calories right back like most of the leading sports drinks. Our drinks are literally made with fruit, electrolytes and water blended together and bottled raw to avoid the vitamin loss that comes with pasteurization. It’s that simple.

I received a complimentary sample for the purposes of review.

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