#SelfisticKbyPhotoBOMB Review

It’s funny that I’ve never before tried a selfiestick and in a matter of weeks I’m offered two to try out.  They couldn’t be more different, yet serving the same purpose.  This one is the SelfiStick by PhotoBomb which I received without charge for review.  It is expandable/collapsible, has a spring loaded phone holder and an articulating head.  Plus the handle of the unit houses a bluetooth remote.  Really, unless you have a separate remote and a special app or use the voice commands to take your pics how else are you going to do this right.

The Photobomb is a multi-piece, adjustable, expandable, bluetooth enabled device. The package says it expands to over 3.5′. I only got it to expand to 38″; only 2″ past the three foot mark. The pieces which come in the box are, of course, the bluetooth capable selfie stick, the screw on phone cradle, a micro usb cable for charging and a bumper which covers the bracket that expands to accomodate your phone.

I learned that the Photobomb must be turned on by an on/off switch on the bottom of the stick handle. It is not a one button operation. The metal extendable portion is covered in a light, but sticky lubricant which tends to get stuck to your hands. The bluetooth remote button is for taking pictures ONLY. It will not activate the camrers; you must turn on the camera function of your Android or iOS phone.

The bracket on the end of the selfistick which screws into the phone holder could be used for other small devices with a threaded female mount. This part does articulate, but it must be unlocked and relocked every time you change positions.

The Photobomb is compatible with Android and iOS.

Check it out here – http://amztk.com/selfistick

From the company:

MB has the Selfie Stick YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!

– Constructed with CHEAP components – PUTTING YOUR PHONE AT RISK.
– Made using substandard wiring and unsafe Polymer batteries that DIE.
– Made with outdated Bluetooth chips that FAIL TO PAIR!
– UGLY and EMBARRASSING (Especially that orange rubber bumper you see on all of them – we can’t stand it!)

These problems can ALL be avoided…

SelfisticK by PhotoBOMB is Sleek, Innovative, Durable, and it’s the BEST VALUE ON AMAZON

Why is PhotoBOMB’s Selfie Stick Better?

Attractive and Modern Look
✓ Created to appeal to guys and girls of all ages.
✓ Stylish and Fun, not ugly and flashy.
✓ Unlike ALL the others, SelfisticK is DESIGNED IN THE U.S.A.

Manufactured to the Highest Quality Standards
✓ 4th Generation Bluetooth Technology ensures your device pairs in seconds and functions perfectly.
✓ Thicker internal wiring and a Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to 100 hours.
✓ New No-Slip Groove ensures it doesn’t wobble or twist when extended.
✓ Extra Durable mount can handle any mobile phone, even with a case, without breaking or slipping.

You Become Part of the PhotoBOMB Community
✓ Upload Your Best Selfies on INSTAGRAM @PhotoBOMB_nation or [email protected] to win FREE STUFF, Be Featured on our next PACKAGE DESIGN, or even STAR IN OUR UPCOMING COMMERCIAL!!!

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  1. Dale Hunsberger
    June 7, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    Thank you for this review – I’ve always wondered about how all these kinds of sticks worked.

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