Tell Time And Make a Statement with #TopazWatches

I received my complimentary Topaz Unisex T10BZ113 Any Time Casual Silver-Tone Watch with Red, White and Blue Nylon Band from #TopazWatches for the purposes of review. Feels weird to have a watch after so many years without one. Sure I’ll get used to it since I Do love wrist watches.


The nylon band goes under the watch back which is nice because it keeps the metal from sticking to my wrist. It’s not so great that unless I keep the watch band strap super tight the watch body wants to migrate to the outside of my wrist all the time. One downside of having a large watch face I guess. Otherwise it’s easy to read, keeps perfect time (quartz accuracy), comfortable and water resistant (can’t wear it in the shower or go swimming with it though). You won’t catch me trying to wash dishes with it on any time soon either.  But it’s nice that I don’t have to worry about removing the watch when I wash my hands or get caught in the rain.


I like that the band was easy to remove, but I found that the pins, though not fixed were very, very difficult to remove.  I personally prefer a leather or metal band, but as it stands I have to stick with the nylon fabric bands that I can thread through the pins.  The end of the band tends to flop a little, although it’s pliable nature allowed me to thread it back through the band holder to keep it from flapping around on my wrist or getting caught on anything while I worked.  It was very nice to be able to tell time by just looking at my wrist without having to dig for an electronic device or search for a wall or desk clock.  On top of it all it was stylish.  The band and design of the watch face really does limit it only to casual uses though it does look very nice for everyday use.

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