Oz Naturals Vitamin C Facial Serum Review #OZNaturalsVCSerum


Thanks to OZ Naturals I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest review.  I’ve tried numerous different vitamin C serums in the last few years.  Each one has it’s own texture, scent, positives and negatives.

The OZ Naturals Vitamin C Facial Serum contains astaxanthin, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin K, Rose Hips and Green Tea.  They recently reformulated their serum to prevent the orange tinge it used to have due to oxidation.  I guess this turned people off.  Well, it’s completely clear and the scent that I’ve become accustomed to in Vitamin C Serums is very faint.

Upon my first use I was taken aback at how quickly I felt and saw a result.  The first time I used it was not immediately after washing my face.  I had run out of the house with nothing but moisturizer on and when I returned the Oz VC serum was on my doorstep.  I opened the bottle, put a dab on my hand (as you can see above) and then decided to put a dropperful of the serum on my face.  Right away I felt a tightening and smoothing of my skin.  When I went to look in the mirror you could see the pores on my cheeks were very reduced and the overall appearance of my facial skin was tight.

I was very hopeful the next day when I hopped out of the shower that I would have a similar experience.  My skin was still dewy but not wet from having been in the shower when I applied the serum.  The same tightening and shrinking of my pores happened again, but this time it wasn’t as pleasant.  The serum felt like a mask on my face and my cheeks along my jawline felt rough.  When I applied a moisturizer after the serum dried the shrunken pore effect seemed to disappear to my dismay, but the rough cheeks remained.  I chalked it up to having forgotten to exfoliate and decided to do it again the next day.

This time I remembered to exfoliate with my Michael Todd Soniclear brush.  From what I could tell my face was free of debris, dead skin cells and excessive oil.  When I applied the serum this time the same thing happened. . . down to the super rough cheeks and mask like feeling.  The moisturizer took away the stiff feeling and the look of shrunken pores.  The following day, my face was broken out on both cheeks from the cheekbones to the jaw line.

I may try this serum again at some point in the future, but right now this one is not for me.  I prefer serums that don’t feel like a mask on my face or alter my face’s texture for the worse.

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