10 Non-Alcoholic Lemon Drinks Recipes & #MixologistWorld Pro Lemon Squeezer Review


Do you like lemonade? It’s one of our favorite drinks here at home because it is so versatile.  My kids love it’s sweet citrus freshness.  My husband likes it because it is a perfect mixer for some of his favorite cocktails.  Too often store bought lemonades are overly loaded with sugar.  That’s why I prefer to make my own at home.  Not only can I add the amount of lemon or lime juice I want, but I can also control the type and amount of sweetener I use.  Adding in herbs and other fruit juices only heightens the gourmet taste of a perfectly simple home made concoction.

Before I had a lemon squeezer I used to use my bare hands and a fork to get as much juice as possible out of the fruit.  The result was always too much pulp, too many seeds to fish out of the drink or bowl, and sticky hands (not so much with lime, but with lemon).  My husband introduced me to using a lemon squeezer and I haven’t gone back since unless he’s hogging it :-P.

SqueezerZesterThanks to Mixologist World I received their Professional Lemon Squeezer and bonus Zester in exchange for my honest review.  It came just in time too.  My old lemon squeezer had seen better days and all the enamel was peeling off.  This stylish handheld black and red citrus squeezer accommodates both lemon halves and smaller lime halves above the red divider.  This provides maximum juice extraction for the smaller fruit half.  We used it to squeeze lemon and lime both to make my husband’s cocktails and also fizzy non alcoholic lemonades and limeades for the girls and me.  With the purchase of the set through Amazon we were sent a complimentary recipe book of incredible lemonades with a variety of spices and herbs to shake things up a bit.  This was nice since we tend to stick to the same old, same old.


Don’t forget that lemon isn’t just for cold refreshing drinks.  It also goes very well with warm preparations as well.  Chock full of vitamin C and other health benefits this fruit juice is perfect to protect the immune system this time of year and every day.  So whether you would like to imagine a poolside lounger or a warm place next to the fire place there are a lot of recipes where citrus juice can be used.


I like this zester because though it is sharp and effective it’s not scary sharp where I’d be afraid of scraping the skin off my knuckles. The handle makes it easy to control whether you want a strip of zest for garnish or a finer zest for in a recipe for drinks, pastries, entrees, etc.

I searched the web for some non-alcoholic lemon or lime based drinks that are perfect for using this Professional Lemon Squeezer to share with you here –
1. Grilled Lemonade. You may be wondering how in the world you’d make anything grilled indoors, but the instructions show exactly how to make this “grilled” flavor using a pot on your stove. Use the citrus squeezer to juice the lemons once they are done searing in the pan.

Check out How to Make Grilled Lemonade 🙂 by Rehab Kitchen on Snapguide.   2. Homemade Ginger-Lemon Soda. This recipe calls for powdered ginger and lemon, but can easily be replaced by fresh ginger that’s been peeled and sliced thin or zested and fresh squeezed lemon juice. A 1/2″ piece of ginger should be more than enough for this recipe. Check out How to Make Homemade Ginger Lemon Soda by Joe Moynihan on Snapguide.

3. Hot Apple Cranberry Cider. I know this doesn’t sound like a lemon or citrus recipe, but stick with me. This seasonal delight mixes apples, cranberry, cinnamon sticks and lemon to make a beautifully mulled cider.
Check out How to Make Hot Apple Cranberry Cider by Chris Davis on Snapguide.   4. Fresh Cherry Lemonade. We may have to wait until next year to make this recipe from fresh cherries, but frozen cherries are available year round. Check out How to Make Fresh Cherry Lemonade by ️Diana ️ on Snapguide.

5. Rosemary Blackberry Limonata. Technically this recipe accommodates both the non-alcoholic and cocktail preparation of this drink. Though it calls for a lemon flavored soda I recommend replacing this with an equal amount of plain sparkling or soda water and the juice of 1/4 of a lemon for each drink.
Check out How to Make Rosemary Blackberry Limonata by Maryanne Cabrera on Snapguide.   6. Blueberry Mint Lemon Smoothie. Lemon is a great way to add antioxidants and keep the flavor of your smoothie bright and clean. This is because it prevents oxidation of the other fruits. Check out How to Make Blueberry, Mint & Lemon Smoothie by Karin Siöö on Snapguide.

7. Tropical Mix Smoothie. Here is another easy smoothie recipe that’ll keep your tastebuds happy and your waistline trim – just in time for your new year resolutions.
Check out How to Make the Tropical Mix Smoothie by Caramel Dreams on Snapguide.   8. Apple Pie Cleansing Tonic. You love apple pie so why not get healthy drinking something that tastes like it? Check out How to Make “Apple Pie” Cleansing Tonic by Dr CCJ on Snapguide.

9. Master Cleanse Lemonade Cocktail. We have all recently had days off of work and school to spend with family and friends. Most of us have most probably indulged a little too much and need a way to get rid of the extra pudge from the fudge we’ve been eating. Try out this Master Cleanse recipe to help clean our your whole body. Not only is this good for the digestive system, but increases metabolism and is great for the skin.
Check out How to Make a Master Cleanse Lemonade Cocktail by Kimberly McEwen on Snapguide.   10. Italian Ice. If you weren’t already craving summer you will be now. Hey, if you want to make up a batch of these fruity icy treats and sit in front of the fire to enjoy it, who am I to judge? ENJOY! Check out How to Make Italian Ice by Allyssa D on Snapguide.

Hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I have enjoyed putting my new Professional Lemon Squeezer to work.

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