Pinnacle #ThermoLunchBox Leak Proof Durable Lunch Box Review

I received the Pinnacle Thermal Lunch Box for review.   It is cute and easy to open.  The materials are durable.  It is leak proof.  Unfortunately, that is where my praise must end.


My kids get packed lunches every day. Whether it’s a sandwich or leftovers they always have something healthy and yummy. . I tried the Thermal Lunch Box several times and it didn’t once keep my food warm enough to consume without re-heating. Since this model is lined with steel it is not microwave safe and as you can see is also not dishwasher safe either.

I could rave about how great it is, but it did not live up to my expectations. Even following the instructions to keep items warm – tempering the container with hot water (even used almost boiling) before adding anything warm – it was not able to keep the contents above 95 Degrees Fahrenheit. I used my digital thermometer to test the temperature before doing a taste test and it always tested too low to register which I know for a fact the threshold on the thermometer is 95 Degrees F. This proved problematic because between the time I typically pack my girls’ lunches and they get to eat lunch is at least 4 if not 5 hours. If at 4 hours it couldn’t stand up to the 100 Degree mark like it mentioned in the instructions I could not rely on it to keep their food even a little warm for longer. For cold items it did better. It totally defeated the purpose of having it for me since I use ice packs in their lunches anyway. I’ll keep trying with pastas and soups since they mentioned liquid fared better, but it didn’t work with the thicker, saucier things I tried to keep warm. One claim it did live up to is it is leak proof and easy to open once you locate the little notch in the lid.

Unfortunately, I was let down by the failure of this lunch box to keep things warm as I already have plenty of tried and true options to keep things cold. It did however live up to being leak proof and easy to open.

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