Safely Wear A Symbol of Your Fidelity with TKChoice #SiliconeWeddingRings

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Several years ago my brother-in-law almost lost his ring finger because of his wedding ring getting caught up in a machine while working on some heavy equipment on the job. Thankfully, someone was able to cut his wedding ring loose, but not without cutting him and causing some serious pain. Thankfully, he did not lose his finger, but his wedding ring was ruined. He’s never worn a ring to work or when working on machinery ever since then.  If he had had one of these silicone rings it would have stretched and broken like a rubber band instead of pinning him on the machine. It is soft, pliable and way more safe for working with gears and moving parts than a hard metal ring would be.


I have the “silver” one. The color is still more grey than silver and I wish I would have chosen a different color. My current rings are size 8 and have some wiggle room. This silicone ring runs a little small. After a while it is so snug that I have to turn it inside out to wear it with the curved side in like a comfort band. I think sizing up a whole size would be too much. It’s too bad it doesn’t come in 1/2 sizes.

It is comfortable for when you are working out, cleaning house, washing dishes, riding bike or similar activities which require your to grip tightly with your fingers. It’s also great for activities where you might get gritty, grimy, greasy or wet where it would be impractical to wear your wedding ring.  This certainly isn’t for beauty, but more to continue sending the message of fidelity even when it isn’t comfortable or wise to wear your traditional wedding ring.

One aspect of this ring I hadn’t really considered until recently is that it is hypoallergenic.  This is definitely a consideration for people who are allergic to silver, gold or platinum.  There are metallic alternatives like titanium or stainless steel, but these are very, very heavy.  This silicone ring is not only economical, but light weight.

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