#LoveIsBoldSiliconeRing Review

My husband always wears his wedding ring unless he has to work with his hands in the workshop or around the house.  I wish he would be able to wear something in its place when’s he’s out on a job installing or delivering cabinets.  The silicone wedding ring from Love is Bold which I received free for review is a great alternative.


The silicone ring is nicely pliable, easy to put on, comfortable to wear and low profile. I like the matte finish; it makes the ring look that much more masculine.  The inside of the ring is embossed with the logo and the ring size.

From the manufacturer:

SAFETY: Stay safe with non-metallic, hypoallergenic alternative wedding band for on the job, outside, in the gym.
EVERYDAY USE: Get compliments every day for your awesome ring. Never worry about losing an expensive, sentimental wedding ring ever again. Metal comfort fit wedding bands can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.
DURABLE: Will not over stretch or slip off. Made of food grade silicone providing just enough stretch for a comfortable fit.


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