Life In Coloring Adult Coloring Book Review

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I color with my kids all the time. The problem is they hate it when I take pages from their coloring books. This coloring book is much more updated and mature than little kids drawing pages. Not only are the designs more intricate and detailed, but some of the pages include inspirational phrases, mantras and encouragement to help you focus on yourself for as long as you can. Since the folder is padded and you are coloring on top of a pad of paper you really have to press hard to make sure the coloring is deeper. It’s kind of nice that the folder has an extra pocket behind the pocket that holds the book to store any extra pages. The whole thing is stylish enough to carry with you to work, on business or personal trips in the car and you won’t have to worry about the sheets getting mangled.


From the manufacturer:

  • NOW with UPGRADED vibrant pencils! The secret is out and Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. Join millions who have discovered coloring as a relaxation and stress relief exercise. Adults, young adults and teens all benefit from coloring and doodling and will love and treasure this art kit portfolio. Studies have shown coloring activates both logic and creativity. Relax your mind instantly with coloring.
  • Encased in a leather like portfolio with magnet closure, this convenient complete coloring kit features original, limited edition, “Mindfulness” coloring book MADE IN USA on quality paper. Included is also 12 colored pencils, a removable pencil case and plastic pencil sharpener. Please note these pencils are student grade and included for your convenience or may be replaced with your favorite pens, water color or gel pens.
  • This adult coloring book features a variety of coloring sheet designs and coloring levels. Have your work in progress on the go! Coloring book includes mandalas, owl, feather, inspirational designs, geometric designs, thoughts and doodle pages, and hand drawn coloring pages, all created from the heart.
  • This versatile package has universally sized holders designed to fit your current coloring books and coloring pages, sketchbooks, gel pens, watercolor pencils and current art supplies for your favorite hobby! Our coloring books flip up to be convenient for portability and for left-handed coloring enthusiasts!
  • No need to love to draw or be an artist. Get back to the time in your life where simplicity was everyday! Just pick up your pencils and book and start your colorful creations! Don’t forget to buy one for a friend, family member, co worker, teacher, or….Encourage them to put down the technology! Best Heartfelt Gift for 2015! Best new Hobby!

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