#GoNature Microfiber Sport & Travel Towel Review

My kids love going to the pool in the summer to swim. I like the swimming and playing but the whole process has its drawbacks.  Towels are one item that can be cumbersome to carry dry or wet. Not to mention they take forever to dry after sopping water of a wet swimmer.


This post contains affiliate links. Product was received free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

Thanks to Go Nature I received a 30″x 50″ microfiber sports and travel towel in exchange for my honest review.   This is one of the larger microfiber travel towels I’ve received. It is long enough and wide enough to wrap comfortably around and average adult frame.  It’s great for wrapping up your hair after getting out of the shower in a lightweight turban.  One of my favorite features is probably one of the simplest – the hook strap has a snap. “What’s that good for?”, you say.  Well no more are you relegated to using an open hook to hang your towel.  The snap allows the little strap to open so you can easily hang your wet towel from any available rod, branch or clothesline without the use of an extra clip to secure it.

The travel towel is thin yet absorbent.  It’s the perfect companion for a day at the beach,  a trip to the gym, going camping or anywhere else it would be more convenient to pack away a low profile, lightweight, drying device. To wash you need to use warm water with like colors. I’d suggest not using a fabric softener though be warned this towel can get pretty staticky. Also, it’s not to be tumble dried; it’s hang-to-dry only. Though there are some drawbacks to this type of towel the benefits far outweigh them I believe. Honestly, how often are you going to have a dryer handy when you are backpacking in the sticks or camping in the wilderness. Which towel do you think will dry faster tethered to the top of your tent – a terrycloth bath towel or a light microfiber travel towel?

From the manufacturer:

Product Description

GoNature Microfiber Travel Towel is your companion for travel, sports and outdoor activities. It is perfect for yoga, gym, aerobic training or just for relaxation at the beach.

Premium Quality, Latest Technology
GoNature towel is made with the latest microfiber technology which makes it the best towel around in absorbing capacity and drying speed compared to older microfiber towels.

Environmental Friendly
Production: Made with latest green production technologies with no polluting chemicals.
Water and Detergent saver: Less washing is required thanks to its anti-bacterial treatment and quick drying ability.

Made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Suede finish for soft touch.

Body size towel 30″x50″ folds into a small 5″x8″ carrying bag. Towel weigh only 7 oz.

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