#HealthyWiser Vitamin C Serum & Advanced Firming Eye Cream Review

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Thanks to #HealthyWiser I received these two products – #VitaminCSerum & #AdvancedFirmingEyeCream with #HyaluronicAcid free for the purposes of review.  At first use, on my hands only, I realized they were awesome.  My daughter’s said it was magical.  It’s rare that I experience the changes intended by a product instantly.  It did happen this time – right before my eyes.

The vitamin C serum with Vitamin C, Amino Blend and #Vegan Hyaluronic Acid among other ingredients made the skin on the back of my left hand feel super smooth.  At first I thought it was just a fluke, but when I looked at my right hand in comparison it was rough, red and dry.  So, just to see the difference between the effect of each I tried the eye cream on the back of my right hand.  The little wrinkles didn’t fill in like on my left hand.  The skin felt really soft though.

This led me to one conclusion – these products NEED to be used together.  Plus, even though the Eye Cream is formulated for the delicate eye area it can be used as a moisturizer for the whole face.  The only thing I didn’t really like about the eye cream was the fragrance.  It may have been the green tea that I smell in it.

From the Manufacturer:

HealthyWiser Advanced Firming Eye Cream

  • ✔ Lightweight eye crème with powerful ingredients that soothe, plump, hydrate & rejuvenate the eyes
  • ✔ Say goodbye to dark circles, puffiness, bags, and crow’s feet and reveal refreshed, radiant eyes
  • ✔ High-quality, natural plant-based ingredients; Vegan/cruelty-free; 97.5% natural and 75% organic
  • ✔ Visible results with non-greasy, quickly absorbed eye crème that firms and brightens tired eyes
  • ✔ Effective anti-aging under eye treatment for men and women; Safe for all skin types

HealthyWiser Vitamin C Serum

  • ✔Boosts collagen production and reduces free radicals for firmer and younger looking skin
  • ✔Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and hydrates dull complexion
  • ✔Helps repair sun damage by gradually fading sun and age spots
  • ✔Improves skin tone and texture – Suitable for all skin types – Best Therapeutic Skin Care Product
  • ✔Number 1 Vitamin C serum on the market – produced in USA in state-of-the-art-facilities, under cruel-free best practices ★ Made with 98% Natural 72% Organic ingredients ★


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