Premium Silicone Cupcake & #MuffinPan Set Review

The silicone muffin pan set, which I received free in exchange for my honest review, was easy to use though it smelled very strongly of oil or chemicals. Even after washing it by hand in hot soapy water it still had a thick manufacturing lubricant smell. This made me not want to try it without liners in the cups, at least at first. The liners included were not waxed enough to make them come cleanly off the bottoms of the corn muffins I made. Note that the liners were not enclosed in any way inside the box, but just thrown in.

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The pan still needed to be set on a cookie sheet for baking since it was floppy. The silicone spatula and brush were great. The spatula made it easy to scrape all the batter off the bottom of the bowl and the both it and the brush were easy to wash by hand.

I chose to wash it in the dishwasher after my first batch of muffins. It survived the wash and no longer smells like chemicals – aside from the dishwasher detergent. This is the first silicone pan I’ve used that had such a heavy chemical smell. It may be BPA free but that odor made me uneasy to allow it to touch my food directly. I may try now without liners to see how well it does about not sticking to the food since I’ve hand washed, baked and dishwasher washed it and hopefully all the stuff that was making it smell so strong has burnt off.


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