3 Giant + 1 Mini #Marimos from Luffy Review

Luffy sent me these ‪4 marimos‬ free in exchange for my honest review. Until the day I’d received these little ‪moss balls‬ I had never seen them in person. I thought they would be a perfect addition to my aquarium until I did some research. Apparently they like cool water, 70 and below, and also to be moved by gentle currents. That threw my aquarium idea out the window. I have tropical fish that like their water a little warmer. I have read conflicting anecdotal accounts about people using them in their tropical aquariums and not just with goldfish or bettas.
What I did was put the marimos in a decorative glass bowl and set them on the counter. The water needs to be changed at least once a week and the marimos need to be turned manually once a day or every other day so they continue to form in a round shape. One of the little guys looked like it was starting to split. I put it in a jar of cold water in the refrigerator to allow it some time to heal. Some people call this split a breeding ridge and I hope that is what it is and that it’s not damaged.
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About the product:
  • Marimos, one of the National Treasures of Japan, are used as the first pet, as a decoration ornament and also as a fun toy for your aquatic pets. Marimo is a favorite toy of fishes, betta & shrimps. They love playing with marimos and some use marimos like a comfy hiding spot.
  • Marimos help in improving the quality of your aquarium by absorbing pollutants such as phosphates, nitrates, and ammonia, thus creating a conducive environment for your precious aquatic pets. Plus, caring for an aquatic pet has never been so easy. They can be placed anywhere in an aquarium, a jar or even a glass with tap water!
  • Marimo is a very popular plant in Japan. The growth rate of Marimo is about 5 mm per year. Hence a giant marimo is about 7 years old!
  • The Japanese believe that Marimo will bring good luck. Hence, they grow it in a glass bottle with just some water & ceiling light. Water change is only required once every 2 weeks. This plant does NOT cause algae problem. Negligible maintenance required.

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