#BeautyWidgets 8 Piece Makeup Brush Set In White With Rose Gold & Matching Bag Review

BeautyWidgets8PcMakeupBrushSetThanks to #BeautyWidgets I received this 8 Piece #MakeupBrush Set free for the purposes of review. Lately, I’ve been frustrated with my makeup and also my makeup applicators. Either they are too rough, too soft, too absorbent or not absorbent enough. I’m always intimidated by the thought of buying new brushes and applicators because I never know if what I end up purchasing is going to be of good quality. The last thing I want to do is throw money down the drain. (I’d like to try a #beautyblender some day)

About a year ago I lost my favorite rounded eyeshadow brush. I searched high and low for one like it and did find one, but it was almost too soft to work like the other one did. This set has eyeshadow brushes, liner brushes (which are great for using eyeshadow as liner), contouring brushes and powder. All the brushes are labeled for their specific purpose, which is nice to eliminate the guesswork for a makeup newbie or previous basic user only. Since I currently don’t have a contouring pallette I used my blush as a countour color just for kicks and the countour brush works really nice. The kabuki brush I bought a couple years ago does OK, but I find it has some extra stiff bristles that tend to poke me in the cheeks and I know that can’t be good for my skin.

The powder brush has been awesome. I have Revlon Photoready makeup and when they had a buy one get one 50% off sale of #Revlon makeup at #RiteAid I decided to spring for the primer and the setting powder. The brush for the powder is a joke. It wastes more than it gets on my face. This softer, more rounded brush has been great for dabbing and brushing the setting powder all over my face without too much dust going all over and without it getting too thick.

So far I haven’t seen much loss of bristles. The brushes each have their own texture and thickness specific to their application purpose. I’m going to need a larger makeup bag, lol. OH, btw, love the little bag they come in. The waterproof feature of it has kept the brushes and lining from getting soaked a couple of times. I like that I can keep them separate from my other makeup tools to keep them clean and pristine as long as possible.

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