#LINKYO 20 Pack Artist Quality Neon Chalk Marker Set Review

Thanks to Linkyo I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

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These chalk markers are large. Larger than any I’ve used before. The chalk paint flows well, but it takes a little longer than I expected to dry. I tried the markers on chalkboard labels, plastic laminate, mirror, glazed tile, window glass and the stainless steel door of my refrigerator.

I would not recommend this for use on marble or granite. Though they look like shiny, buffed surfaces they are natural and porous and will stain. That being said, these markers are really easy to use for writing or drawing on non porous surfaces.

It’s true that the chalk will become permanent on some chalkboards or chalkboard paint. We have a small chalkboard – about the size of a piece of paper – that is apparently more porous than I initially thought. Make sure to test your boards in an inconspicuous place first.

The silver and gold were a nice addition to the set. I like the silver better than the gold. The color is more true and the texture of the paint is easier to manage with the silver pen than the gold one. The gold chalk paint is way more runny and prone to make a mess. The other colors are bright and rich and fairly easy to manage.

From the Manufacturer:

  • Metallic GOLD & SILVER Markers Complete This Artist-Quality 20-Pack of Rich, Vibrantly Colored Chalk Marker Pens – Two FREE Replacement Tips Included
  • Long Lasting and Quick Drying – Get the Look of Chalk Without the Dust & Smudging
  • Erasable on Non-Porous Materials, Permanent on Porous Materials (PERMANENT ON CHALKBOARDS!)
  • Non-Toxic – 100% Water Based. No Dust, Fumes or Harsh Chemicals; Safe Around Children and Animals
  • Fun and Practical – Perfect for Crafting and DYI Projects, Teaching, Kid’s Crafts, Office Brainstorming, Café, Pub and Bistro Menus, Window Decorating, Personal Messages & Reminders … The Possibilities Are Endless

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