Hybrid Hip Leather Fanny Pack Waist Belt Review

hybridleatherfannypackWhen it comes to things like purses and shoes I prefer to have genuine leather items. Too often they are made of faux leather and they really don’t stand the test of time. This waist bag (I hate calling it a fanny pack) is absolutely high quality genuine leather. The color is very nice and even and the finish on the outside is smooth. Main bag is not lined so you can feel the leather on the inside.the only part that was lined was the small outer zippered pocket. That’s one thing I don’t really like about it, but I understand it reduces weight and manufacturing cost. I really like the quality of the closures; the parachute buckle, zipper pull and toggle fastener are all metal and open and close cleanly without snagging, grinding or catching. The zippers have nylon teeth, but they work well. The finish on the metal pieces is a nice golden/bronzey color. The sides of the belt adjusters are embossed with a lattice weave pattern kicking up the sophistication of a part of the bag that may otherwise go unnoticed.

The reason I chose the brown over the black is because I wanted the griffon emblazoned on the front pocket to be easily seen. The overall color is a little more orange than what the screen image lets on, but it is a very nice caramel brown. The strap feels like cotton and matches the style very well.

So far I haven’t used the bag much other than to tote a few things around the house to see if I like it. It easily holds my phone and an external charger, a pack of gum, my sunglasses, a small change purse and a tiny card wallet easily. Because of it’s shape and the positioning of the pockets the bag will hug your hips nicely as long as you arrange the items you carry to hold that shape or they are pliable. This isn’t a permanent replacement for my purse, but for occasions when I need my hands free – like air travel, going to a concert, festival or ball game this is a stylish way to carry the items you need readily accessible.

When I showed this to my husband he was impressed. He hates “fanny packs” and I do believe he would not be opposed to carrying this one if I needed him to. It’s not at all “girly”; it’s made in such a way to be attractive for a man or woman to wear.

I received this item in exchange for my honest review.

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