#BeautyWidgets 10 Piece Kabuki Professional Rose Gold & White Brushes w/Roll Tie Bag Review


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This set I received free for review from Beauty Widgets has 10 makeup brushes in rose gold and white. Each of them is labeled for it’s designated purpose. This is a perfect feature for someone who is a newbie to applying makeup. I had never used a brush to apply foundation and just recently started to use a brush to apply eye makeup.


The black roll tie bag is made of vinyl. It is great for preventing the brushes from getting crushed or distorted. It took me a second, but I figured out that the interior flap prevents the brushes from sliding out of the roll. Having multiple brushes allows you to apply different colors and textures of makeup with ease and without getting your fingers dirty. That’s a huge bonus. I had always been limited to applying blush with a brush because that was the only brush I had. Now I’ll be able to apply foundation, contouring powder, concealer, bronzer and pressed or loose powder without contaminating your other brushes.


This is the second set of their brushes I’ve tried and I’m impressed just like the first. The synthetic bristles are super soft and we’ll attached to the rose gold and white handles. I even tugged on the brushes and none of the bristles fell out. There were a few stray (slightly longer than the others) brush bristles but noting a sharp pair of scissors couldn’t handle. The shorter more dense bristles of the powder brush are better than the one in the 8 pack. It’s a matter of preference. I haven’t gotten my contouring kit yet but I’m dying to try these brushes out with it. After watching makeup artist Kandee Johnson do makeup in her YouTube videos I’m inspired to keep learning new techniques.

I received this set as a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest review.

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