Herb Scissors by #MarkyProducts Review

Thanks to Marky Products I received these herb scissors free in exchange for my honest review. So far they haven’t really been my cup of tea. The most used herbs in my home are cilantro and Italian parsley. Both have moderately thick stems and I typically demolish them with a sharp kitchen knife in no time.

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Well, last time I made pico de gallo I decided to try cutting the cilantro with the herb scissors. It ended up being way, waaaaay harder than I had anticipated. It wouldn’t cut through the bunch. Then the blades got clogged with herb debris – thankfully they provide a little pick to clean that out. Then when the herb stems got too thick it wouldn’t cut at all. It felt like I was cutting with 1/2 inch wide blocks of steel instead of multiple blades. I imagine that they would have a better time with a soft herb like basil.

These multi blade scissors do well on crafts and shredding paper, though.  I have yet to see how well they do on lettuce.

About the Product:

Herb Scissors Stainless Steel 5 Blade for All Your Kitchen and Garden, Culinary, Herb Cutting & Chopping Needs – Comes with Cleaning Comb and Marky Products Lifetime Guarantee

Best Quality Herb Scissors

– HERB SCISSORS STAINLESS STEEL – Professional quality kitchen scissors. Stainless steel doesn’t rust with quality, polished finish.
– CULINARY UTENSILS – Ideal for Cutting and Chopping all varieties of herbs. Makes easy work of preparation.
– HERB SCISSORS 5 BLADES – Cut, snip and shred a large variety of leafy produce and spices.

A Big Time Saver

– Ideal for Cutting, Chopping and Mincing Herbs quickly.

Covered By Lifetime Guarantee

– Can also be used to manually shred confidential paper items.
– Very smooth, light operation – herbs do not jam between blades.
– Easy to clean with water and dry with clean cloth.
– Also dishwasher safe.
– Doesn’t let cuttings get stuck between the blades.
– Unlike a lot of herb scissors, the handles are also comfortable.
– Shreds lettuce as well.
– Perfect gift.
– Efficient and sharp.
– Big enough for the job and small and lightweight enough for ease of use and carrying.

UNLIMITED WARRANTY – Buy with confidence with 100% Marky Products Herb Scissors Lifetime Guarantee.

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