Cook’s Innovations Stainless Steel #ButterMill Review

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In our house we use butter. NOT MARGARINE. Real, rich, creamy, fatty butter is what we use on our toast, pancakes, waffles, french toast, vegetables and recipes. The only problem with butter is that if kept refrigerated it is aost impossible to spread without destroying the bread or making your food cold while you wait for it to melt.

Typically, we keep our butter in a glass or plastic container on the counter. It’s not attractive and it has gone moldy on us on occasion which is a total bummer. So I’ve been looking for a better, fresher, more sanitary solution. I was hoping this stainless steel butter mill would be the answer, but I ran into some problems.

The butter mill gadget consists of 5 pieces –

– Plastic lid
– Stainless steel grater top
– Threaded shaft
– Advancing mechanism
– Butter cradle

The stick (you have to cut a stick of butter in half) sits in the red butter cradle and is slipped over the advancing mechanism. The threaded shaft is then brought down over the two until it meets the threads of the butter cradle. Then you twist the outer shaft to join the threads until it is far enough into the advancing mechanism that it clicks and is seated firmly within it. Place the grating lid on the other end of the threaded shaft making sure to line up the locking pegs. As you twist the black wheel at the bottom clockwise it advances the butter cradle up the shaft into the grating head. This motion produces little noodles of butter you can scrape off the top with a butter knife to spread wherever you want. When done you can cover the grater lid with the plastic cap and put the whole thing in the fridge to keep the butter cold and fresh.

Here is where the problems came in to play. Once the butter was rock hard again it became almost impossible for me to advance it against the grater lid. I don’t have arthritis or joint problems in my hands and I had issues getting it to work. I even asked my big, strong husband who has giant hands to try and he didn’t have so easy a time. My kids weren’t able to use it either. This made it an impractical gadget. The concept is good but the execution was imperfect.

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