Hair Growth Tips & Orgamor #ArganOil Intensive Hair Care System Review

Product was received free in order to facilitate this post.
I know I’ve said this before – My hair is my crowning glory. From the time I was a kid my mom took meticulous care of my hair making sure to help me keep it clean, braided and trimmed just so so that I could grow it long. Like every young girl and woman I went through my phases of wanting to cut it short and then grow it long again. Then to highlight, lighten and dye it several times between my early teens and twenties. I learned the hard way that this kind of abuse does nothing to encourage or support a healthy hair growth routine. Stress from work made my hair start falling out in clumps – no joke. Ever since then I’ve been very careful about what I consume, the hair products I use and how I treat my hair because, frankly, I’m not getting any younger. I may have squandered my best hair years, but I don’t have to make a mockery of those ahead of me by giving up.

Here are some tips I’ve gleaned over the years to help encourage hair growth and maintain it’s length beautiful –

Hydrate. . . from the inside out. Drink lots of water. Not only does this improve digestion and energy it also improves the look of your skin and allows nutrients to get to your hair and nails more efficiently.

Nourish your entire body. Diet is very important. We need to eat plenty of fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Fat may sound like a bad word, but without it your body would have a difficult – if not impossible – time of assimilating the nutrients you consume. Eggs are an excellent source of nutrients necessary for healthy hair, skin and nails,

Supplement with a multivitamin. Though we would like to believe our food sources are complete and always nutritious the fact is many are lacking in necessary soluble minerals and vitamins. Taking a supplement can help bridge the gap and make sure you have what you need. For women of child bearing age taking a pre-natal vitamin, even if you aren’t planning on having children, may be a good idea. They are formulated to support your entire body, the creation of new tissue and cell turnover as well as female reproductive health. Any woman who has had children who took or is taking pre-natal vitamins knows your hair and nails grow like crazy when you take them. There are also multivitamins which include herbal components specifically to support hair and nails.

Exercise to improve circulation. Like drinking plenty of water, getting your blood pumping gets the nutrients through your body more efficiently.

Now for what to do on the outside –

Try not to shampoo your hair every day. If you can help not even getting it wet that is even better. Use a dry shampoo or a sudsing no-rinse option to freshen your scalp and absorb oils or gently remove dust and smells without the need for a wash. This prevents excess repeated wetting that stretches your hair strands. This stresses them and leads to breakage.

When you do shampoo focus on your roots. The majority of the stale smell that develops is due to a buildup of sebum, dust and sweat on your scalp. Focusing your attention on washing your scalp and roots helps to remove these deposits. You can then gently work the froth of shampoo through your hair length as you rinse, not allowing it to linger too long and strip the hair of too much moisture. One trick you can use is to wet and condition just the hair length before you shampoo. This is especially useful if you use a clarifying formula that tends to be more harsh.

NEVER EVER FORGET TO CONDITION. Before you pick up your shower poof and body wash, make sure to slather your locks with a rich, super moisturizing conditioner. Roll it up in a twist or bun and secure it with an octopus clip or other such clip then finish your shower routine. Try to keep the conditioner in your hair as long as possible.

When you are done washing and conditioning – gently dry your hair. It’s best to use a squeezing motion with your towel than to violently rub it back and forth across your head. This may dry your hair, but it will also tangle, pull and break your hair, leading to frizz and unmanageability.

Use a leave in conditioner or hair oil. Orgamor sent me a bottle of their Argan Oil Intensive Hair Care System to try in exchange for honest review. From the day I received it this oil has become a daily staple in my hair care routine. I either use it directly after showering and work it through my damp hair before drying, use a very little bit to help tame fly aways and frizz or weekly as a hair mask.


This hair oil treatment contains –
– Argan Oil
– Prickly Pear Seed Oil
– Nigella (Black Seed) Oil
– Sesame Oil
– Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
– Lavender Essential Oil
– Atlas Cedar Essential Oil

The base oils add sheen, softness and manageability. The essential oils make this formula smell awesome. Every time I use it I can’t stop smelling my hair (I probably look like a total weirdo, lol). The oils are aromatic and musky without being too floral which I L-O-V-E.

Check out this argan oil intensive hair care system on the Orgamor website.

Try to avoid using heat tools on your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally if possible. Always use a heat protection spray or serum if you must use heat tools like a flat iron, curling iron, hot curlers, or hair dryer.

Once your hair is long enough do what you can to protect it by wearing it in a braid, loose bun or twist as much as possible. The less friction your hair encounters with the elements – even your collar or pillow – the better it will be for keeping your hair long.

Trim your locks at least every 8 weeks. I use the CreaClip to give my hair periodic trims and keep my layered look in check. You can see my video review I did of the CreaClip on my YouTube channel. The process looked a bit clumsy then, but I’ve improved my control and the process so it takes me no more than about 10 minutes to trim off 1/4″ to 1/2″ just to keep my ends fresh and remove any dead, faded, dry or split ends.

This may seem like a lot, but living ain’t easy, baby. You’ve got to see this process as living a healthy life, not just wanting to grow your hair out. When you view it as a whole and make these changes your habit it will become a heck of a lot easier to continue without even thinking about it.

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