Beauty LAlly 10 Pc. #MakeUpBrushes Set Review

These makeup brushes, which I received as a complimentary sample in exchange for  my honest review, are super soft and don’t shed when you use or clean them. I appreciate that the bristles are strong enough to pick up and evenly apply my makeup yet soft enough to not irritate my face. The only thing that bothers me a bit is they don’t specify exactly what kind of material is used to make the bristles. Other sets I’ve had in the past tended to feel like the were poking my pores thus leading to breakouts. These do not.

For me the blush brush is a bit on the small side but the rest are just right. The eye makeup brushes are more petite than others I have but I like this because it allows me to be more precise in the tight spaces around my eyes. The foundation and powder application is almost flawless with these brushes.  The lip brush is small, but effective to smoothly and evenly apply any kind of lip color.  I used it to access lipstick that had been crushed into the lid of the tube by one of my girls.

The tubular design of the case is pretty and the faux leather made it easy to clean. I personally didn’t care for the cylinder shaped storage tube. I found that it was too easy to bend back bristles of the brushes while trying to close the lid. I need up having to invert the brushes in the lid and then reattach the bottom and turn it right side up again for storage. I understand that allowing the brushes to stand prevents them from being crushed or deformed but the action of having to slip the lid on over the upstanding bristles leads to just that very problem for the larger brushes.

The mirror is super handy and the perfect size to carry in your pocket or purse.

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