#SparkNaturals Peppermint Essential Oil Review

img_20160917_230328Thanks to #SparkNaturals I received this 15ml bottle of #peppermintessentialoil as a complimentary sample for review. Peppermint is one herb which is good for many different reasons. It aids digestion and is good for helping relieve muscle tension as a topical and eases stress in a diffused application. This Spark Naturals is the most pure peppermint #essentialoil I’ve ever tried. It’s approved not only for topical and therapeutic applications but also for ingestion. Not all EOs can claim that. This means you can slip a drop into a cup of tea to increase the minty kick and help reduce stomach discomfort. You can add it to your favorite candy, pastry, and frosting recipes and be assured of the best flavor and purity. I always thought that peppermint was peppermint when it came to essential oils and flavorings until I tried this bottle. Check them out here http://sparknaturals.com/essential-oils/essentialoils/eo-peppermint.html

1 comment for “#SparkNaturals Peppermint Essential Oil Review

  1. Lynne B
    September 19, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    I heard this was good for headaches.

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