10 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Full-Time Blogger


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1. Building A Successful Blog Takes Time

It would be nice to tell you that plugging in and getting online is easy and profitable right off the bat.  Like with anything though it takes time to find your voice, engage your readers and find successful ways to monetize your blog without selling out.  If writing and engaging with your readers is your passion and you can take the time – DON’T GIVE UP.  Patience is needed because no matter how hard you work an audience can be fickle.

2. Running A Blog Is Like Running A Business

If your goal is monetary success and not just a hobby you must have a plan and stick with it.  Just as running a business requires dedication and attention a blog will require just as much.

3. Networking Is Just As Important As Content

Remember the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”? It can be just as true in blogging.  Bloggers are resourceful and generous individuals.  There are loads of groups and lists to join where they will help you find sponsors, get readers, share on social media, but you MUST reciprocate.  With some digging, you could find other bloggers with like goals and styles to partner with you for success.

4. Your Income Will Be Inconsistent

Though you may work at researching, writing, photographing for and sharing your articles 24 hours a day you may not always see a return.  There may be days or even weeks or months where there is no paycheck at all.  Consistency is key though to finding and getting the gigs that pay out big.

5. Traffic Does Not Always Equal Money

You may have traffic, but if your visitors are just “bouncing” off your page they aren’t taking the time enough to see the links you’ve monetized.  Plus, high bounce rates are a huge turn off for potential sponsors.  Which leads to ->

6. Having A Responsive Audience Leads To Opportunities

IF you provide opportunities for your audience to interact with you and encourage them to comment and STAY on your blog a little longer that can lead to bigger things.  Having readers share your articles on social media or reblog about them is incredible for your opportunity to be seen as a viable marketing partner to big brands.

7. How Well You Use Your Time Will Impact Your Success

This can be very difficult.  There are so very many things to distract you online.  If you can focus your goals, create a plan and set a schedule for your writing and promotional tasks you and your blog will benefit greatly.

8. Blogging Can Be Draining

You need to find what works. Pouring your entire life, without any sense of balance, into blogging can burn you out and take the joy out of the process.  When you reach a point where there is no joy you must reevaluate how and why you are doing what you are doing.

9. Future Success Is Not Guaranteed

Like mentioned earlier – readers are fickle. There are millions of other blogs out there and the fascination with them can fade away just as quickly as they burst onto the scene.  Learn to adapt and don’t be discouraged when things are looking down.  Sometimes we have to accept when it’s time to move on or revamp.

10. A Good Accountant Is Very Valuable

If you make any significant kind of money blogging – get an accountant.  Make sure to keep all your receipts and keep records of every payment made and received due to your blog.  Pay your taxes every quarter – which means saving back a percentage of all earnings (40% is reasonable) so that the pain of paying on April 15th doesn’t hurt so much.

The above are just my thoughts on the list put together by TwelveSkip.  Click here to view original web page at www.twelveskip.com

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