Infographic: Choosing the Best Compost Method #gardensthatmatter


What is the best compost method? In this infographic, discover the methods successful composters are using in their homes and gardens. If you want to compost, there’s a way to do it no matter where you live!

On-site or off, inside or out, simple or complex, this flowchart can help you navigate the possibilities. Below the infographic, you’ll find a short definition of each method and links to additional resources.

Click on the infographic below to view a larger image. Or click here to download a printable PDF.


Personally I have two compost bins.  Both are commercially available and one is one wheels so it can be toted around the yard to different parts of the lawn and garden.  Before I was able to have a “cleaner” looking version what I used was the portions of an old fence which my husband had taken down and that fence’s door to create a square area where I could plop down the scraps from the garden and kitchen.  Since there was no lid and the openings in the sides were pretty wide you could really smell the decomposition on hot days.  My husband HATED that – so when I found a black plastic compost bin for sale at Sam’s Club he was more than happy to get it for me if I promised to get rid of the hacked together fence box.  It’s not the most convenient thing to empty, but at least my compost pile is contained with minimal smell escaping from it.

I even compost weeds if they are pulled before they go to seed and left to dry out in the hot sun for a few days to kill the roots.  Plants like thistles which spread by rhizome can be pretty difficult to kill and LOVE the nutritious warmth of a compost bin if they are put in there just pulled.  Granted, they can get pretty prickly when they are dry, but that’s what a good pair of leather gloves is for, right?

You put a lot of work into preparing meals and cleaning up your lawn, why shouldn’t the waste product from these activities work for you by feeding your garden!?!?!

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