Love the Earth

This earth is the source of all life and all things that sustain it.  Everything we are and that we have starts somewhere in the earth that is beneath our feet.  As we live our daily lives it is easy to forget how important the dirt under our feet and the air around us is.  Without the Earth we would not exist and without us to protect and nurture the Earth it will  not survive.
These were facts that escaped my notice until I had my first child. Having a child forces you to see the world for what it is worth and view everything as new.  The child is discovering and our job as parents to present and experience that with them forces us to see the Earth with innocent eyes.  Without the worries of adulthood a child can really appreciate the beauty of creation.  We as parents can help them to love and care for the beautiful planet around us as we would teach them to love their friends and family.


This site was created so I could share my love for the ground, my family, my friends and my faith with others and also to help care for all of these precious things that have impacted my life.  So, if you also love the Earth and what  it has provided for you and your family please browse around. There is information about  gardening,  recipes, and product reviews included in this network.

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