Reviewing Products for the Good of All

As a mother of two toddlers, I am bombarded with offers from companies for discounts on items from toys and clothes, diaper rash cream to stroller/car seat travel systems and breast pumps.  My goal is to share with other moms and dads my experiences with the products I come across.  I won’t only be focusing on baby or child related products.  Why?  Because in addition to being a mom, I’m a housewife, webmaster, computer technician and human being!

I love food and cooking, music, art, the Internet, computers and of course relaxing when time permits.  Any products that I use that touch these endeavors will be of interest to other’s I’m sure (there wouldn’t be industries built around these themes otherwise 🙂 ).  My opinions will be honest and complete.

If you represent a company that would like to have your product used in a real world setting for an honest, thorough and forthright review, please contact me!   As the manufacturer or distributor of any products I may review you are more than welcome to post your reaction to my blog posts about your product.

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