Days 12 & 13: Discouraged, depressed and distracted

The discomfort I felt on Day 11 after not getting enough fuel to effectively complete my workouts or my day left me feeling limp and uninterested in exercise on day 12. It depressed me a bit because I thought that I’d found my achilles heel that I’d never lose weight. Then I remembered that after one week of just 10 minute daily exercises I did lose 1.6 pounds so I was determined to continue, but not on day 12. I was still feeling the effects of being nutritionally deprived the day before and had no desire or energy.

Day 12: TGIF

Also, Friday, day 12 was very distracting. My parents had just arrived back from Hawaii on Thursday night. Mom wanted to see Yeyda and I so I promised I would come and visit first thing in the morning. I didn’t want to get them up too early so I worked on a few things around the house before I headed out about 10:30 am. We got to their place at about 11:20 and as soon as Yeyda saw Abita she was squealing with joy. So, we went in and they started showing us their pictures and souvenirs. They gave us all T-shirts, hats, bags, a yummy cooking oil and best of all chocolate covered macadamia nuts. What was most hilarious is that they actually got Yeyda a hula skirt and a coconut bra. It was just too cute.

We ate lunch and then my brother asked if anyone wanted to go fishing. It was exceptionally nice out that day. It was sunny and close to 80 all afternoon. So he got the fishing poles out and we went out to the pond. After 3 casts I caught a big, and I mean BIG, bluegill. I know, I know bluegills aren’t that big, but for a bluegill this thing was the biggest I’d ever seen. My brother did get a picture. We tried to get Yeyda to touch it, but she kept complaining that it was too wet and slimy. She’s more girly than me!

Later my brother caught another bluegill that “attacked” my mom. He was showing her the fish before he released it and it slipped out of his hands and the barbs of its top fin got impaled in the back of mom’s hand. They pricked her pretty deep and she bled for a while. Poor fish was stunned and lay on it’s side in the water; we thought it was a goner, but a few seconds later it swam away.

There were several large catfish and largemouth bass swimming nearby. I wanted to catch one, but I didn’t. I’m not good with getting the fish off the line without getting bitten, barbed or impaled on the hook. But I do like the fight. My brother didn’t want me to catch one either because he didn’t want to mess with it.

We went out to eat with my husband and then got coffee at McD’s. We hung out with my parents and brother until almost 10:30. You can imagine Yeyda was fit to be tied. Surprisingly she was in a good mood even though she was tired.

Day 13: Super Saturday

The day looked cold and dreary and we were still tired after having gotten home so late.  My hubby decided he had to go into work to get a few things done before Monday so we went to McD’s for breakfast since it was on the way.  Yeyda and I went to the dollar store looking for a garden trowel and I found a plastic one that’ll do for now.  When we got home I took her straight to the bathroom and she was in there a good hour.  She didn’t want to go, but she didn’t want to get up either.  At one point I was putting her pants back on when she says, “Mommy, my tummy hurts.”  I knew that meant she’d have to sit down, again.  Sure enough she finally went number 2 in the potty.  We’ve been trying so hard to get her to understand that she needs to go in the potty.  Last week she had 4 perfect days then all went straight to he**.  She is just stubborn, because when you ask her if big girls pee or go number 2 in their pants she says, “No, only babies do.”  But if you say she is a baby she freaks out.  I guess I just need to be patient.  Somehow I think she may not have been feeling very well from having had such a long day the day before.  She pooped her pants after her nap which she hasn’t done in over a month. 🙁

At least I did get outside today before it rained.  I planted one of my makeshift raised beds with 20 varieties of cool weather vegetables and covered it with a floating row cover.  I hope to see some sprouts by next weekend.  That took a good 2 hours while Yeyda slept.

After hubby got home around 5 PM we were all feeling hungry and tired.  We hadn’t had anything to eat since our late breakfast.  Saturdays get weird anyway when he isn’t around.  My brain was in such a fog I couldn’t think of anything to make and he wasn’t helping either.  So, Yeyda and I ate a snack of quesadilla, washed the dishes and then did the Slim-in-6 routine together.  It’s so cute to see her antics as she tries to follow Debbie’s exercises.

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