I signed up for PPP!

I’ve searched the Internet far and wide in recent days seeking out a way to get paid for all the time I spend blogging. Also, I wanted a way to make money that would not cheat my readers of the joy of reading my blog (if it gives you joy). My aim is not to overload my blog community with just inane babble, but useful information that might be helpful in everyday life. That is when I found PayPerPost.

So, I took the plunge. I signed up for PayPerPost. In an effort to make this and my other blogs a regular source of income I signed up for this pay-for-blogging service. There is all kinds of buzz in the blogging world to not monetize your blog, but this is almost impossible if you want the blog to be a source of income. So despite other opinions I will be sharing my opinion about products and services on this blog for PayPerPost advertisers.

The advertisers on the site will pay for posts I make to review their products. Actually, this being my first post is directly for PayPerPost. Once it’s approved they, as my first advertiser, will pay $20 directly into my PayPal account. How cool is that?!

I sincerely hope that you find my opinions useful.

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