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Lucero De La Tierra‘s insight:

I love how they call these best tablets under 8 inches the solution to the Goldilocks dilemma.  Really it is.  Phones too small, Laptops too big – these tablets are just right.  Lately this has been a matter of much debate in my house (in my head) because I bought a desktop replacement laptop almost 2 years ago and I regret it.  It’s too bulky, the battery runs out too fast and though it can hold EVERYTHING the problem is – it holds everything.  What if it gets stolen, dropped, soaked in water – I lose everything.


My sister-in-law and mother both bought the tablet put at the top of the list – the Google Nexus 7.  My mother’s only beef with the tablet other than her lack of skill and knowledge with the device is that she does not have internet access wherever she goes.  Thus comes the caveat for her – it’s technically useless unless there is a WiFi signal.  What about when she is in the car travelling from place to place.  My parents are retired so that is a reality.  Whereas we younguns find ourselves at work, in coffee houses with WiFi or in our home offices with a WiFi connection Mama doesn’t have that anymore (never really did).  She has WiFi at home now since I bugged my dad enough to get DSL in the house and of course she has access to connections when she goes to visit us (brother’s house and mine) but any place else it’s hit or miss around these parts.  It’s not like we are in New York City where they have homeless people to use as mobile hotspots.


That being said, the tablet is fast and versatile.  Being familiar with the Android operating system made getting to know this tablet a breeze.  I love that it is connected with all my Google services and profiles and can even use Skype with a forward facing camera that has pretty decent resolution.  The Skype quality is pretty good and my mom uses it to call me regularly.

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