Thou Shalt Not…ten commandments of blog comments

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The big online goal for me this year was to get back into reading blogs. I set up the Connected list and created an easy, one click, way for someone to subs

Lucero De La Tierra‘s insight:

This is a well put together list of what not to do as a blogger and as a commenter.  My favorite NO-NOs were using Facebook commenting or Disqus as your commenting platform.  I have in the past considered using them, but when I actually used them on other blogs I found it frustrating that I could not post my blog url.  Facebook comments are irritating because they post to my public profile and don’t follow any rational logic on the newsfeed.  


On my blogs I do not use Disqus or Lifefyre or Facebook comments.  I do moderate the first two comments made by any user for each unique email address.  My readers are not required to login, but they are allowed to connect with any of several social networks if they desire.  My comments are threaded and I don’t use CAPTCHA.  


I appreciate number 10 "Why are you writing?" How my writing affects my readers if it is too personal or raw is something I hadn’t thought seriously about before.  I never had considered leaving a comment prompt at the end of a post, but I think I will use that more often to encourage commenting. 


Thank you Dresden for this post.

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