How to Make Insect Spray for a Lawn

photo credit: Per Corell via photopin cc

photo credit: Per Corell via photopin cc

Today on Mom Central Chat we discussed summer safety. We covered topics from sun protection, bug repulsion, summer fun and water safety. One topic that got a lot of chew was bug repulsion. One of the moms recommended the article shown in part below for a good bug repelling spray to be used on the lawn. The recipe is good, but I think this would be more for a lawn that is not played on my small children or domestic animals since it contains a large amount of hot pepper. I can attest that using cayenne and serrano in a spray will definitely deter pests from a garden. Bunnies won’t nibble and neither will bugs come near if this spray is applied to your garden. Fair warning though, you’d better be covered with long sleeves, safety glasses and long sleeves and pantlegs before you apply this or venture into the garden again to cultivate or harvest. The last thing you need is spicy eyes, skin or fingers.
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eHow Home & Garden Garden & Lawn Pests, Weeds & Problems How to Make Insect Spray for a Lawn Although bugs and insects are an essential part of our ecosystem, some of them can be harmful to plants, trees and bushes in our yards. But there is no need to use toxic insecticides to eliminate bugs from the lawn area; you can make a homemade bug spray that will get rid of the bugs without using such chemicals. Commercial bug sprays can get expensive, so you also will save some money by making a homemade bug spray for your yard. There are a variety of different recipes to make a homemade insecticide. Does this Spark an idea? Instructions 1 Place two hot peppers into a blender. Cayenne or habanero peppers both work well. Add 1 cup of water into the blender. 2 Puree the peppers and water in the blender. Pour the mixture through a strainer into a gallon bucket. This will be your concentrated pepper juice. 3 Combine ¼ cup of the pepper concentrate with 1 gallon of water. Add 1 tbsp. of liquid dish soap. Pour the contents into a spray bottle and apply to the lawn and landscaping. 4 Chop 2 garlic bulbs into small pieces. Put them in a quart-size jar that is equipped with a lid. 5 Boil about 1 qt. of water in a pot and pour the boiling water into the jar of garlic. Seal the lid of the jar and allow it to sit overnight. 6 Pour the mixture through a strainer the next day. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle and add about 3 drops of liquid dish soap. Apply the mixture to your lawn and garden. 7 Remove the peels, skins and ends from several onions. Use roughly […]


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